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Three Ways to Wisdom

Happy is the man who has found wisdom. Even more happy is the man who lives in wisdom, for he perceives its abundance. There are three ways for wisdom or prudence to abound in you: if you confess your sins, if you give thanks and praise, and if your speech is edifying. 54 more words


So, what now?


this point, you’re probably wondering a lot of things. Fortunately, I have a lot of answers! Unfortunately, though, there’s a lot I don’t even know about myself…but I will certainly do the best I can. 846 more words


Living and Dying with Giant Breed Dogs

Before I brought home our first Saint Bernard puppy I did a lot of research about Saint Bernards and giant breed dogs in general.  Because I’ve always lived with dogs, I wasn’t interested in learning more about general dog care, but rather, the types of things I needed to consider before bringing home a puppy that would eventually be the size of a full-grown man. 1,693 more words


Meet Odin

This is Odin. As you can see, he is a Saint Bernard puppy. When my husband and I first started talking about getting a puppy, I knew that I wanted a big dog. 418 more words



“Blissful” terra cotta sculpture by kayti sweetland rasmussen

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The shades of night were falling fast,
As through an Alpine village passed… 228 more words

Sculpture And Painting

The Great Advent Homilies of St Bernard of Clairvaux - Free Catholic Audiobook

St Bernard of Clairvaux is considered the last father of the Church and is called the Doctor Mellifluus, or the honey doctor,  because his Praise of Jesus Christ flowed like honey.   207 more words