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The Twelve Degrees of Humility and Pride by St. Bernard - Free Catholic Audiobook

Humility makes a man great, while pride makes even angels hateful and odious.   If the devil can trick us into pride under the guise of humility we are in great danger of losing our souls, do not trust what the world says about true humility but rather the the wise and often time witty instructions of the great St Bernard.   71 more words


Week 4: Chapters 33-43

Week 4: Chapters 33-43

  1. George says that being alone is not a bad thing- no one else to worry about. What do you think?

  2. George has his picture taken with Lewis while on the motor scooter.

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Year of the Dog Day 182

I’ve been very excited about today! When I went to the dog show at Turton Tower the other week I met a gorgeous puppy Saint Bernard called Geoff but I already had a dog of the day so we swapped details and arranged to meet up; today was that day! 243 more words

Week 3: Chapters 22 - 32

Week 3: Chapters 22 – 32

  1. George meets Parker and they talk about life goals and plans. Is it possible to plan your life? Why or why not?

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Sin has ceased to be an offense to God?

It’s normal to be afraid of being bitten by a snake, whose deadly poison kills in just a few minutes. This is especially true in places where such a danger is a reality and not just a remote possibility: one walks through the natural habitat of these perilous creatures with redoubled attention to any suspicious movement….and if possible one even tries to avoid such places. 114 more words

John Paul II

Week 2 Questions: Chapters 11-21

Week 2 Questions: Chapters 11-21

  1. Why do we love our animals so much?
  2. What would you say about the relationship between George and Tess?
  3. What about Tess’ question –“Doesn’t your faith help when you get lonely?”
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Hip Dysplasia (Dogs)

A dog’s hip joint attaches the hind leg to his body via a ball and socket joint. The ball portion is the head of the femur while the socket (known as acetabulum) is located on the pelvis. 2,666 more words

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