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The Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard


Alternative Name: St. Barnhardshund. Alpine Mastiff. Bernhardiner


               The Saint Bernard

               Image Credit: Wikipedia.Org

Swiss monks first bred the Saint Bernard during the seventeenth century. 1,257 more words

Dog Smart

SXSW - Mophie Rescue Lounge

Possibly the most fun you could ever have at SXSW – the Mophie Rescue Lounge! How can you resist playing tug-of-war with a Saint Bernard puppy or hanging with the crew of Saint Bernards? 22 more words


More Dog Bookmarks

Learning new techniques, so I’m putting out more free bookmark printables. I am having so much fun with dog features this week.

After printing these myself, I realized these might be a little large for some books but they work for me nonetheless. 22 more words


This Man's Best Friend

Everyone has heard it been said, “Dog is man’s best friend.”  About 2 years ago I was given the privilege of finding out why that is.   534 more words


Cur-llective Bark-aining?

If dogs could unionize, what do you think they’d demand? Bigger hydrants? Nicer smelling butts to sniff? More employment for those Saint Bernard’s that carry around rum in those little casks on their collars? 13 more words


For the Love of Snow Part II

Although my aversion to cold is absolute, I love to watch the snow fall.  I could quite literally watch it snow for hours, it makes my brain feel good so I indulge and take a few minutes to meditate on it whenever I get the opportunity, which is probably a far safer way to spend my down time than my borderline addiction to browsing Craig’s List, the 24 hour garage sale. 2,451 more words