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The French Revolution and Saint-Domingue: The Creation of a Transatlantic Political Sphere

Throughout my undergraduate studies in history I learned quite a few things that completely changed my views and preconceived notions of historical events and ideas. To list them all here today would be a tedious task and is besides the point of today’s post. 7,826 more words



Your beauty celebrated many moons ago.

Not just for your physical most probably, wealth.

They called you “Pearl of the Antilles,” chateaus.


Saint Dominigue your gem shine the West Indies. 188 more words


Vintage Haiti: Haitian Army c.1800

28 January 1801: The governor of Spanish Santo Domingo cedes control of his territory to Louverture. To make his achievements permanent, Louverture forms a central assembly to write a new constitution for all of Hispaniola that abolishes slavery on the entire island.

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Papa Machete - Le Nouvelliste

Au coeur de la révolution haïtienne menant à l’indépendance en 1804, il y avait un important instrument de résistance: la machette. Cet outil utilisé dans l’agriculture florissante de la colonie de Saint-Domingue a été transformé par les esclaves en une arme de lutte pour la liberté. 74 more words


Art: “Diaspora (Self-Portraits 2014)” by Omar Victor Diop

In “Diaspora,” a series of twelve impressive self-portraits inspired in part by European paintings, Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop embodies Africans that were notable historical figures in Europe in the colonial era. 600 more words


La République Dominicaine capture d’autres évadés de prison - Signal FM

Dans un village près de la ville frontalière de Duvergé, 217 km à l’Est de Saint-Domingue, les forces armées dominicaines ont capturé, dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, Lodo H. 78 more words


Thermidor Fun Fact Day Twenty-Nine: A Colonial hero tainted by association

It is no surprise that Robespierre is often considered a villain, but it is startling to see an erstwhile hero linked to the Incorruptible. Following the news of the 1791‒1804 slave uprisings in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, colonial sympathizers depicted the leader of the slave revolt,………… ……………, as a student of Robespierre, doubtless because of the widespread killing and damages that the rebels wrought on the colonists and their holdings. 38 more words

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