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cathedrals of Paris

Such is the ubiquity of epic cathedrals, chapels, and churches in Paris and its environs that after eight months here, it has become hard for me to keep track of all the ones I’ve seen. 944 more words


Green Doors and Blue

Blue, green and something in between.

A narrow slice of blue in an ancient side street

Smart new paint and unusual ironwork on Boulevard Saint Germain… 137 more words

Paris Streets

Saint Germain Contrasts

Carved stone and painted wood; forged iron and polished brass; bright chrome and tarnished zinc.   The doors and shop fronts of St Germain de Prés are a patchwork of contrasting styles and materials, reflecting the alterations and additions of three centuries. 15 more words

Paris Streets

The Marks & Spencer Effect

My life has been on hold.

I am intellectually aware that it is moving towards some kind of direction, but I quit wondering whether I really choose that direction or not. 786 more words


L'été à Paris : Week 7

I am almost finished with my internship but I can never be finished with Paris. There is always more to see, to do, another layer to unravel in this city. 295 more words


A Frog-Brit Pot-Pourri. 35.2

Previously on Equinoxio: a leisurely stroll, hopping from London to Paris and back. Above: Saint-Germain-des-prés. (Ours) First built in the 5th century, rebuilt around the 10th… Just around the time the French and the English started bickering. 332 more words


Christmas in Paris

Paris, December 25, 2016

ARRIVING in Paris early Christmas morning is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever given myself. Not much seems to have changed at the Charles de Gaulle airport since I was last here 15 years ago. 967 more words