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Red Cactus Flower

It has been a decidedly rainy and rather dreary Martin Luther King Day here. There was not much in the way of observance of this holiday by us. 308 more words

Saint Louis

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I am not speaking about the events that befell those poor, poor Baudelaire children. Although, I am watching and quite enjoying Netflix’s new Lemony Snicket series that features them. 588 more words

Saint Louis

Ice Capades

…that for the last six-months, Mark has not been going to work.

We survived Jupiter’s first onslaught, with no downed limbs and no power loss and we are now girding our loins for its next wave that is expected to hit in the morning. 509 more words

Saint Louis

Poem: State of Missouri

State of Missouri

Like a freight train, rumbling the eves of tired Victorians,

Like in the dumb dripping night, wet leaves lie discarded,

Like the horns for the crossing a half-mile on, a reminder: 121 more words

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