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Windmills Not Weapons

“Windmills not Weapons”, unless you are Don Quixote, for whom windmills were armed. Today, the Saint Louis Earth Day Festival was held for the 26th time. 562 more words

Saint Louis

Chez le coiffeur

(At the hairdresser’s)

There is one thing I’ve been doing very well at avoiding on my year abroad: a visit to the hairdresser’s. But since I won’t be going home for another three months, and my hair was reaching a critical state, I finally decided that on Tuesday afternoon I would take the plunge. 866 more words


It's Raining on Prom Night ...

Fluorite is normally a colorless, clear mineral, but impurities can give it rather dazzling color. This Spar Mountain mine specimen from Cave-in-Rock, Illinois is a great example. 298 more words

Saint Louis

Pappy's Smokehouse: BBQ that rocks

Disclaimer: I am not a barbecue expert. I’m not even a barbecue amateur. I did not grow up around barbecue, but I do find it tasty. 448 more words


Kindergarten Kop

Anne spent this week dealing with small primates. She worked the Early Childhood Center. On Tuesday, she was in Kindergarten, where there were more than a few unruly children. 297 more words

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First Post / About Me

Hi! My name is Maria, I am a young beginning urban farmer in Saint Louis! I started this blog so that all the different people I talk to about plants can just come here if they are curious as to what my garden is looking like. 62 more words