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May 1: Door of Mercy

Door of Mercy


The singing throngs of angels crowd this place

And how can we be shielded from His rays

While winged awe bows low before His Face… 94 more words

Daily Reflections

Why the Deafening Silence?

How did Christianity really start? Was in the result of a virgin birth in Bethlehem, a supernatural resurrection in Jerusalem and a divine revelation on the road to Damascus? 332 more words



There are a lot of civic duties being thrown around lately (not to mention shade to Rachel Roy), so I figured I should do mine and educate the masses with the four different styles of Renaissance painting. 182 more words


a day in Roma

Last Friday I spent about 24 hours in Roma due to Clara Grazian defending her thesis there, which was awarded the highest PhD degree from both Sapienza Università di Roma and Université Paris-Dauphine. 141 more words


The Merciless Atheistic Love - Recital

RECITAL: Are you are not too slow and pious to
persecute me, and nail me to the cross
in the eyes of the Robber
two canine teeth are stabbed and his funereal tell… 913 more words

Leila Samarrai

But Where’s The Proof?

Four people called Matthew, Mark, Luke & John turn up at a police station claiming some guy called Jesus had been murdered. They were all interviewed in separate rooms. 294 more words


Paddy tempts St Peter

Paddy tempts Saint Peter

There you are …
Welcome Brother
good man isn’t it only your self Saint Peter
heaven awaits you
Jaysus that was easy… 314 more words