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APOSTLES: Peter And Paul As Preachers Of Repentance, by Finn Damgaard

From Peter in Early Christianity

As often noted, the concept of repentance plays a crucial role in Luke-Acts.  In the gospel, the call to repentance occurs frequently in the preaching and teaching of Jesus.   982 more words


POETRY: St. Peter and the Angel, by Denise Levertov

Delivered out of raw continual pain,
smell of darkness, groans of those others
to whom he was chained—

unchained, and led
past the sleepers,
door after door silently opening— 123 more words


POETRY: St. Peter’s Day, by John Keble

Thou thrice denied, yet thrice beloved,
Watch by Thine own forgiven friend!
In sharpest perils faithful proved,
Let his soul love Thee to the end. 456 more words


PETER: Peter's Miraculous Mission, by Bart D. Ehrman

From Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene

What accounts for Peter’s success as a missionary?  In the book of Acts, there is no ambiguity about the matter: God works miracles through him, and this convinces the crowds that he represents the truth they need to accept.   2,833 more words


PRAYER: The Responsory Of Saint Peter

Seek ye a patron to defend
Your cause?—then, one and all,
Without delay upon the Prince
Of the Apostles call.

Blest holder of the Heavenly keys,

380 more words

PRAYER: Prayer To Saint Peter

Author unknown

Saint Peter,

O glorious Saint Peter, who, in return for your strong and generous faith, your profound and sincere humility, and your burning love, was rewarded by Jesus Christ with singular privileges. 140 more words


Notre Dame Catholic Church, Southbridge, MA

Two Figures Depicting Saint Peter (Carrying Two Large Keys and a Book) and Saint Paul (Gripping a Sword) Found on the Big Bronze Doors of Notre Dame Catholic Church in Southbridge, MA

Architectural Details