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Saint Sebastian


Secured to a tree
Accused of treason
By the Emperor
Called Diocletian

Riddled with arrows
Much like an urchin
But death did not come… 62 more words


Psalm from Derek Jarman's Sebastiane (1976)

Hail God of the golden sun
The heavens and earth are united in gold
Comb your hair in the golden rays of light
In your hands the roses of ecstasy burn… 68 more words


Excerpta synaxarica

For a diversion or language practice, here are a few lines from the synaxaria for yesterday (Jan 20), with English translation and a few notes. 479 more words


Early Roman Martyrs

Contemporary historians have problems with the accounts of early martyrs of the Roman church like Agnes, Cecilia, Anastasia, Sebastian, Lawrence, John and Paul– all honored in the Roman liturgy and commemorated in ancient churches throughout the city. 333 more words


Steamer "Saint Lucie," early 1900's

Sometime in 1896 or 1897, the Steamer Saint Lucie joined the Steamers “Saint Augustine,” “Saint Sebastian,” and “The Swan” in plying the waters of the Indian River. 79 more words

Chesapeake And Delaware Canal