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San Sebastian, Javier Aramburu

~ Saint Magick - Saint Sebastian ~

FEAST DAY: January 20



LEGEND: Son of a wealthy Roman family. Educated in Milan. Officer of the Imperial Roman army, and captain of the guard. 382 more words


Saint Sebastian, Martyr

St. Sebastian was born at Narbonne, in Gaul, but his parents were of Milan, in Italy, and he was brought up in that city. He was a fervent servant of Christ, and though his natural inclinations gave him an aversion to a military life, yet to be better able, without suspicion, to assist the confessors and martyrs in their sufferings, he went to Rome and entered the army under the emperor Carinus about the year 283. 1,143 more words

Lives Of The Saints

In which I liken essay writing to martyrdom, ecstasies, and orgasms

I spent nearly eight weeks outlining a research paper that I was assigned for one of my classes. At the end of the outlining and research process, I was at last ready to begin writing the paper itself. 2,039 more words

Prayer to Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes (and archers) as well as the military. I offer up this prayer for a safe and awesome competition for these Olympic games. 125 more words

Bible Study

Farewell, Uncle Bobby

And they came, a surprising number of them, to say goodbye to a wonderful man. They came to a beautiful stone church nestled in a quiet neighborhood on the East Side of Providence.   559 more words

Mid Life