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Isn't praying to the saints idol worship?

Dear Katrina,

As I observe, some people are frequently visiting shrines of different saints and praying novenas. Some strongly believe saints can intercede for them and secure their wish / prayer request granted, or attribute a miracle performed by God to the intercession of that saint. 715 more words


Carissimi: Today’s Mass; SS Felix & Aduactus, Martyrs

SS Felix & Aduactus, Priests & Martyrs: Missa “Sapiéntiam Sanctórum

SS Felix & Aduactus depicted in heavenly glory circa 6C.

ST. FELIX was a holy priest in Rome, no less happy in his life and virtue than in his name. 1,165 more words


Can a sinner become a saint?

Did canonized saints ever commit sin? Were they born with a halo? Were they perfect in every way possible? In the eyes of many Christians saints can appear too “heavenly” or “perfect” to be imitated. 690 more words


San Rocco in Frigento, Avellino

From the official website of the Comune di Frigento:

The statue of the Saint is taken in the streets of the town with a procession.

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My friends Joe and Vicki protected Jews from the Nazis

I’ve often heard we should develop a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. I have tried to understand this, and have grasped at this relationship, seeking to develop and embrace it. 701 more words