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St. Francis and the Sultan: An encounter of peace between Christians and Muslims

In the midst of the Crusades, the Sultan of Egypt Malek al-Kamil (nephew of Saladin) declared that anyone who delivered him the head of a Christian would be rewarded with a Byzantine gold piece. 500 more words


5 Inspiring quotes from St. Cyril of Alexandria

A doctor of the Church and one of the Church Fathers, St. Cyril of Alexandria (376-444) had many struggles throughout his life. He began his term as patriarch of Alexandria with a forceful arm that drew much criticism. 511 more words


The spiritual reason why artists depict saints with a crown

A common symbol used in classical Christian art is the laurel wreath or crown. In the ancient world the crown signified many things, and Christianity adopted it when depicting holy men and women. 346 more words


Can't get it together? These five quotes from today's saint will get you in gear

Sometimes life seems to be falling down around us, if not in our personal lives, then in the world itself.

For the days when we just can’t seem to get it together, these five quotes from the saint celebrated today, St. 231 more words


Campaign Launch for St John Ogilvie Statue at Glasgow Cross

The Knights of St Columba are leading a campaign to have a statue of St John Ogilvie at Glasgow Cross, which was the site of his martyrdom in 1615. 88 more words


Ladies' Lunch 2017

This year’s Ladies’ Lunch, in honour of St Margaret of Scotland, will be on Saturday 18th November at 200 SVS in Glasgow. The afternoon will comprise of a 3 course meal, pro-life speakers and craft stalls. 112 more words