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Martyrs and Missionaries of Africa

For some reason, my Ordo Kalendar omitted this most important day dedicated in the Anglican Breviary to the Martyrs and Missionaries of Africa. The day seems to be commemorated in various ways on various calendars of the Eastern and Western Church. 450 more words


Thursday After Ash Wednesday-Meditation

Thursday After Ash Wednesday and Holy Martyrs of Japan

I have resolved that, by the help of God, I will pray and strive for the fulfilment of His will concerning me. 369 more words


St. Ita of Kileedy

Today, I learned of a great Irish saint, St. Ita of Kileedy (Ite ingen Chinn Fhalad) (d. 570/577).  She was an early Irish nun and patron saint of Killeedy. 909 more words


Feast of St Cecelia

The patron saint of musicians.  So prayers for everyone who plays an instrument, writes songs or music, and my thanks to all the composers and hymn writers past and present who have produced some amazing music that’s helped me in both good times and bad.

Feast of St Hilda

Please note that this is a scheduled post because I’m actually in retreat today.

Hilda, or Hild, of Whitby, is the patron saint of the town of Whitby.  422 more words


My Halloween Facebook "Coming out" as an ex-fundy, #exvangelical

I had not planned to “come out” like this but I think it is time.

I grew up in a very strict evangelical version of Christianity, and later I spent 15 years in a form of Messianic Judaism which was very much in the same vein. 139 more words

Celebrating St. Alban's Patronal Day

Today marks our parish’s patronal day.  We are privileged to have under our altar a stone from the road at Verulamum, and, it is reputed, a relic of the first class in the… 568 more words

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