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The latest STO grind had been the Winter Event; run the race 25 times to get a free T6 Breen Dreadnaught. I managed to get this done two days ago but I have to say, the grind has really burnt me out so I need to take another break from Star Trek Online. 481 more words


Virtual Programming looking to bring Overlord, Overlord 2, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3 to Linux

Virtual Programming uses their own custom technique to port popular games to Linux using the #eON #technology. Similar to #Wine, identified as a wrapper or a translation layer. 179 more words

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Afterthoughts: Saints Row IV & Gat Out of Hell

This game is so much damn fun. I got the achievement for doing every side activity in the game. I never get that achievement on anything, even other games I love. 507 more words


Too Many Games: Saint's Row the Third

Saint’s Row as a series has done an impressive job of transitioning from blatantly trashy cash grab designed to trick grandmothers into purchasing the wrong title for Christmas to legitimately interesting series. 485 more words

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A to Z Challenge - S is for...

Day 20 of the challenge and today we are on S

S is for Street Fighter 2

The version I am talking about here is the one which was released for the Sega Megadrive with the full tile of Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition. 2,244 more words

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Saints Row: The Third Blog (DLC and the fungineer)

I really thought that I was done with this game. I really did. I sank 17 hours into the Steam version, completed it for a second time and I should be well on my way to the next game, which I am, but I came back to Saints Row: The Third for the major DLC. 528 more words

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Saints Row: The Third Steam Review

Saints Row: The Third is an over the top, open world over the shoulder third person shooter with strong action, good controls and some over sexualized comedy. 1,305 more words

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