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On Crank, its electric sequel, Saints Row and Sunset Overdrive

Late one night a few years ago I was awake with one of my sisters channel surfing, looking for something to watch. General tiredness at that moment and the passage of time now mean that I have no idea how it happened, but we ended up finding and watching through to the end… 1,357 more words

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Saint's Row: The Third

Saint’s Row: The Third is crass and horrible and violent as hell, and I love it to death.

Saint’s Row is my go to game for blowing off steam. 482 more words

The Evolution of Saints Row

Having recently revisited Saints Row 4 I was amazed at just how fun the game was. Perhaps one of the best examples of big, triple A game that does comedy well. 1,593 more words

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What makes Saint's Row so good?

Now I want to start by saying that this clearly is an opinion piece and that many of you may not agree with me on why this series has become great in my eyes. 419 more words

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Saints Row IV And Sandbox Deconstruction

I originally didn’t plan to bother with Saints Row IV after recently finishing Saints Row The Third, but that free weekend and $5 sale on Steam took me by surprise (and is actually the same way I tried out and bought The Third). 770 more words


Personal Top 25 Video Games of All Time (Nos. 20-16)

Yesterday morning, I began putting together my Top 25 Video Games of All Time, which you can check out here; and today I’ll continue on with numbers 20 through 16. 657 more words

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Kanye West - Power (Saints Row: The Third Soundtrack)

Kanye West – Power (Saints Row: The Third Soundtrack).

Just completed Saints Row: The Third, and this song features prominently in some of the more epic missions, as well as being the end credits track. 24 more words