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Time Travel And A Doctor's Appointment?

This is possibly more than one dream but I am not sure so I will type it as one dream, and part of it was possibly a semi-daydream or my thoughts possibly impacted the dream but I am not sure; and I am not sure what order the details of this dream go in. 1,291 more words

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Ranking Every Saints Row Video Games From Worst To Best

When Crazy is just not enough! Today we are ranking every game in Saints Row Franchise.

4. Saints Row 1

The missions to the story are extremely well designed, and the tasks are considerably varied.

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Fun Games to Play With Friends

Since Valentine’s Day (or as we call it here in Finland, Friend’s Day) is coming up I decided to compile a little list of games you can play together with friends or a significant other (or with both). 637 more words

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6 Huge Open World Video Games Where You Can Break The Law Without Any Fear

If there’s something common in Open World Video games set in modern time is breaking LAW! And we love that. Of Course, we cannot run over pedestrians in real life or neither we can cut off their head with a Katana. 1,161 more words


Video Game Review: Saints Row the Third

In a game series known for its sex, drugs and violence, it’s hardly surprising that Saints Row the Third follows tradition. However the crime game genre is pretty shallow; so in a world filled with serious games, there was a game series which decided to stop being so serious. 1,355 more words

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Saints Row 2 is Free For One Day!

If you’ve ever wanted to play the best game in the Saints Row series, now’s your chance! GOG.com and Steam┬áhaving a free giveaway today only! 276 more words