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Buying an Xbox 360 in 2018 - Is It Worth It?

The Xbox 360, the console that added joy, laughter and many parents angered with its early day RRoD issues that sent many adults and kids into a frenzy trying to understand what had happened to their beautiful new console. 1,002 more words


Ranking Every Saints Row Video Games From Worst To Best

When Crazy is just not enough! Today we are ranking every game in Saints Row Franchise.

4. Saints Row 1

The missions to the story are extremely well designed, and the tasks are considerably varied.

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Top News Weekly | Feb 12 => Feb 18 |

THQ Nordic has bought Metro/Dead Island/ Saints Row publisher Koch Media in an effort to bring all THQ IPs back to their company which owns the trademark. 87 more words


THQ Nordic Now Owns Saints Row, Metro & Dead Island Franchises

Publisher THQ Nordic has purchased Koch Media, which owns popular franchises such as Metro, Dead Island and Saints Row. Koch Media of course runs Deep Silver, the publisher for Metro and Dead Island, Dambuster Studios who developed Homefront: The Revolution and the Saints Row developer, Volition. 157 more words


THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media/Deep Silver

THQ Nordic has just turned a lot of heads. The Swedish/Austrian company has acquired Koch Media and its properties including publisher Deep Silver. This purchase brings former THQ IP Saints Row and developer Volition back to THQ. 217 more words


THQ Nordic buys Koch Media

THQ Nordic has slowly been making waves as of late. After buying many old THQ IP’s a few years ago, and bizarrely resurrecting the dead name of THQ, the company has continued to grow, with an ever-increasing roster of games, including the upcoming Darksiders 2 and De Blob,  and this growth is only getting bigger, thanks to a big new acquisition for them. 269 more words

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