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Old but Gold - Saints Row 2

To quote one of the best scenes from Farcry 3 °Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something to change.” Now by the ever-lovable Vass’ logic Saints Row developer Volition is indeed insane. 541 more words


Saints Row 2 FREE!

Saints Row 2 free on Gog.com ! Go grab it, it’s a great game. You can play it on co-op (full campaign) too, you’ll just need hamachi or better yet evolve, because it doesn’t connect via anything else.


Most Incredibly Unique Weapons In Video Games

Video games are able to bend and break the rules of physics, so developers can create weapons capable of much greater, more exciting things.

Shark-O-Matic – Saints Row 3… 833 more words


Saints Row 2 free for a limited time!

As the new Saints Row games come to GOG, Saints Row 2 is being given away for FREE for a LIMITED TIME! That’s right, head over to GOG.com in the next ~39 hours to grab your FREE download of Saints Row 2. 39 more words

“Fur In My Cap”: The Theme Song of Saints Row

Saints Row in 2006 was a very different series than Saints Row is now. In tone, it was close to GTA: San Andreas with gang warfare being the main force driving the plot. 2,399 more words

Deep Silver

Opinion - Solutions for Open World Games

We’ve hit peak open world….I hope.

The open world genre is undoubtedly dominating the video game space.  From genre luminaries like Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry to lesser lights such as The Division and Watch Dogs to genre newbies like Final Fantasy and Mass Effect, developers collectively have concluded that the market wants more open world games.  833 more words

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