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November Book of the Month

Hello bookworms!! As you all know by now if you have read my previous post I only read three books in the month of November because I got into a little bit of a reading slump. 264 more words


'Saints Row IV' Gets Official Mod And Steam Workshop Support

Just when Saints Row presumably hits the ceiling of insanity, developer Volition enables Steam Workshop support for the community. 313 more words


Top 5 Games Obama and Biden Should Co-op After January 20th, 2017

Being unemployed sucks. Having to fill out dozens and dozens of job applications is the worst, especially when nobody is calling back. Playing video games during your down time seems to be the best idea as you play the waiting game. 310 more words

On Laser Sights

Laser sights are one of my favorite weapon mods in games; they’re just so cool looking! Despite being relatively old technology (reflex sights were invented in 1900! 589 more words


Review: Saints Row

Title: Saints Row

Author: Elizabeth Blair

My Rating: 5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Rich, powerful, and deadly, the Saints serve as guardians for New Orleans, keeping the precarious balance between light and dark. 415 more words


PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2016

It’s November 2016, only 2 months left until 2017 New Year Eve. Next month, exactly on December 1, 2016 The Game Awards will be held on Los Angeles.  599 more words


How to Stealth the Only Stealth Mission in Saints Row 2

Waste Not Want Not” is the only mission in Saints Row 2 that implies it can be completed stealthily, and to be honest I’m not completely sure the devs aren’t just joking because the process needed to stealth it is long and pointless. 549 more words