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It's Been A Long Time... Again

Okay so I know I haven’t posted on here in a couple of months now but honestly I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t really think of what to post, until now. 268 more words

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected: The Smokehouse Review

So this is the live kick off review for Smokehouse reviews and guess what…its on a game from 2013. That’s right. Its Saint’s Row: Re-elected… 1,882 more words


me: *joins a gang*
me: this is nothing like saints row

Why is Saints Row IV So Much Fun

First off, yes I know that Saints Row IV has been out for a while on last gen consoles and that I was waiting for a good time to get the game and this came to me when I was scrolling in the GAME website and found out that the Re-Elected/ Gat out of Hell bundle was going to be released for PS4/X-Box One with all the DLC’s which I was more interested in since there was a tonne of downloadable content that was available and decided to wait for the time to get them all and get them for free. 723 more words


Saints Row ? Saints where pls?

So a little while back I did a post on why I hate GTA. For those who didn’t read … I basically said… Go and read the post yourself, it’s not even up to 500 words long. 474 more words


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review (Xbox One)

Saints Row IV seemed to have taken things as far as the games could possible go…having the player imbued with super-powers & planet Earth being destroyed kind of makes it hard to see where they go from here. 534 more words

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