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Ranking Series: The Forgotten Multiplayer List

The Ranking Series Rolls on.  KJ lists 5 games that had a solid multiplayer component, but may have been overlooked for various reasons.


TWK REVIEWS Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

I’ve been to hell and I can show you the devil.




The Sexy Super Saint Defeats The Zin Empire and other Saints Row IV Thoughts

This weekend, I finished the main story of Saints Row IV. I would still rank Grand Theft Auto V as the best open world game in recent history but this game has its own brand of fun. 636 more words


Afterthoughts: Saints Row IV & Gat Out of Hell

This game is so much damn fun. I got the achievement for doing every side activity in the game. I never get that achievement on anything, even other games I love. 507 more words


Rethinking Fun with Saint's Row IV

There’s a section in Saints Row IV where the player-character, the boss—in my case a pink-haired woman with a french accent, floral body tattoos and an outstanding fashion sense—rides a purple jet-bike through cyberspace, shooting aliens with a gold-plated uzi while the villain quotes… 1,970 more words

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Virtual Steelport and the Sexy Super Saint make an appearance on PS4

Last year, I mentioned that I picked up the PS3 version of Saints Row IV. If you need a recap, here’s the entries in which I mention the game. 478 more words