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Creative Lead Of Saints Row Was Apparently Working On A Wii U Game With Nintendo But Was Cancelled

The creative lead of Saints Row 1 was working on an open world game in partnership with Nintendo too. Cancelled 1 day before production.

— Tamaki (@Doctor_Cupcakes) …

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Catch up with twin sisters Kiki and Viola in Saints Row: Gat
out of Hell!

Sometimes, I just want to have fun.

(Warning: This article features discussion and screenshots of games such as Saint’s Row IV, whose humor some may find offensive.)

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A Question to Ponder: What Games Would be the Best to Jump Into?

I’ve had this thought bouncing around this week – if you wake up tomorrow, with the ability to hop into any game universe you want, which would be the best ones? 1,042 more words

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Anon asked: Favorite Villain from Saints Row – The Syndicate 

↳  “You may continue to run the Saints/Ultor media group as you see fit, in exchange for 66% of your monthly gross revenue.” “That is before taxes, of course.”

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So you’re gonna turn on that radio, or what?
Ha, I thought you’d never ask.

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