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Murder Time, Fun Time! (Saints Row 3 and 4)

Default Male Voice 1 is the most charismatic and likeable mass murderer I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing in a videogame. Whereas some series, like GTA, strive to make the characters likeable during cutscenes and dialogue, this often fails to represent their actions when you play as them in the game world. 519 more words

Game Impressions

YouTube Upload: Let's Play - Saint's Row Gat Outta Hell

Me and Dan regale you with stories or something. We talk about many things and I fart a dog away. Enjoy!

PlayStation 4

Ready Player Re-Done

A brief twitter thread chat between @RandomiseUser, @Endo_Chick, and myself got me thinking about character appearance in games.  I set out to put some ideas down as to how games structure this, and why I’m so drawn to character appearance in the games I enjoy. 1,242 more words


Gat Out Of Hell

Finished Gat Out Of Hell so I’ll talk about it from an atheist perspective.There will be some spoilers, but as these these games are basically shooting lots of bullets, or maybe even giant sharks, at a never-ending parade of bad guys, there’s not much to spoil. 539 more words


Favorite Cell: Down the rabbit hole

OK, so I’ve begun to roll out the first of my creative vomits…


If you haven’t read it, check it out. But first, let’s discuss the topic. 388 more words