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Top 10 PC Games In India

Hey folks,here is the list of top 10 PC games played in India till 2016

1.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

 Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is the best PC game to play ,because of it’s excellent graphics,story sense and drama.

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The Top 3 Stoners in Video Games

Happy 4/20 day, and all that. And you know what that means? Yep, it’s the 4th of April. Oh, and blah-blah-marijuana, etc.

Now, we all know that Mario is off his head on shrooms, and Max Payne sucked down enough pills to knock out a herd of buffalo, but what about the fine green weed? 444 more words

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FUCK Saints Row!

Seriously, FUCK SAINTS ROW and it’s stupid shitty plot, it’s stupid shitty characters, it’s stupid stupidity.

Just got way too boring for me unfortunately! But here’s a couple of screenshots I managed to grab before DELETING LOCAL CONTENT FOREVERRRRR! 39 more words


Saints Row IV: Reviewing The Term Of The Boss

(The following post is old AF, but was never posted, because of no real good reason.  As a result this review is essentially irrelevant and is only being posted to clear out my drafts bin.   1,004 more words

In a follow-up to last week's game design idea, use this one weird tip to add realism and teach players about the legal system at the same time!


We previously focused on adding a sense of danger to a computer game by adding new consequence for failure. (Specifically, adding an increasingly-onerous delay to the player respawn timer.) 353 more words