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Saints Row and Social Justice Warriors

For some reason a certain segment of gamers think what they like about video games happens to be under attack from a group of vicious harpies intent on destroying all joy in the virtual world. 966 more words

Agents of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem has been one of my more anticipated titles of the year solely because of the Saints Row series. Now to say this isn’t Saints Row would be wrong, but to say it is would also be wrong. 919 more words


Agents of Mayhem: Pretty mediocre so far

I’ve played a few hours of Volition’s new game, Agents of Mayhem, this evening and my feelings so far are pretty “MEH”. I was never blown away by the Saints Row games, but they certainly had style and some pretty good voice acting for what they were. 431 more words

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On Gold Weapons

Humans love to customize things. We want to leave our mark on the items that mean the most to us, and as a warrior culture we especially love to own weapons that have unique, stylized decals. 771 more words


Dildo Bats and Underpants: A Brief Look at Overpowered

When I was a kid, OP wasn’t a thing. There was either ‘this boss is nuts’ or ‘this shit is waaaay too easy’. Nowadays, everything is OP. 476 more words