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What the f**k happened to open world games?

As the title suggests, today I want to talk about a specific problem – yes, I’m calling it a problem right out of the gate; you got a problem with that? 2,402 more words


Saints Row 2: Gyro Hero

It’ll be a difficult task to raise The Saints to true powerhouse status in the city of Stillwater after the rather explosive ending of the previous game, but it’s nothing a little determination can’t fix! 552 more words

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Behind Closed Ears: Video Games and Music

Sometimes the music of a certain video game feels dull.

Sometimes it’s just been overplayed.

And sometimes it’s fun to listen to the music that the ear, the heart, and the brain crave. 533 more words

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Game Review - Saints Row IV

The Touch, The Power

There’s no limit to how far the Saints can climb. They’ve gone from a no-name street gang to corporate overlords, and in  1,085 more words

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Saints Row IV Review: Unnecessary sequel

Bit of a backstory on my end, I love me some Saints Row, I think Saints Row 2 is one of the greatest open world games ever made and I have gotten every trophy in Saints Row 3 on PSN. 246 more words


Ranking Series: The Forgotten Multiplayer List

The Ranking Series Rolls on.  KJ lists 5 games that had a solid multiplayer component, but may have been overlooked for various reasons.


TWK REVIEWS Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

I’ve been to hell and I can show you the devil.