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30 Day Challenge Video Game Edition: Day 16!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope your week has went well and that you’re now excited for the weekend! Some friends and I are going to a gamer bar tomorrow night so I’m very excited about it! 168 more words

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Agents of Mayhem Will Feature Johnny Gat! But ...

Remember the soon coming Agents of Mayhem, which looks like an insane mix of Overwatch, Crackdown and a pint of Saints Row? Well, part of the open world slaughter fest in the unusual setting of Seoul will now be the baddest motherfucking badass of video games, Johnny Gat! 202 more words


Love GTA? Here are 10 games like Grand Theft Auto to play right now

It’s been almost four years since launch, and Grand Theft Auto 5 still consistently ranks in the top ten best-selling games on a weekly basis. In other words, a lot of people are still playing and buying Grand Theft Auto – and why wouldn’t they? 1,543 more words

One Game Type To Rule Them All

Like any Saints Row fan, I’ve been eagerly awaiting any news on Deep Silver’s in universe, spiritual successor, Agents Of Mayhem. I might bemoan the lack of character creation, but what with Gat Out Of Hell… 455 more words


Let's Talk About Sex

Sex is a natural part of most peoples’ lives. If it weren’t for sex, there wouldn’t continue to be people, so it’s important that sex is something that people continue to do and enjoy. 2,027 more words


Video Game Review: Saints Row the Third

In a game series known for its sex, drugs and violence, it’s hardly surprising that Saints Row the Third follows tradition. However the crime game genre is pretty shallow; so in a world filled with serious games, there was a game series which decided to stop being so serious. 1,355 more words

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