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Field Report: Kawagoe, Japan (01 October 2016)

With Japan a mere four hours or so from Manila, and with the intense competition amongst airlines plying this lucrative route driving fares down to almost dirt-cheap levels, an overnight weekend trip to Tōkyō no longer sounds as crazy as it probably should. 1,654 more words


Goku vs. Naruto: The Verdict

The age-old question. The argument that has crossed ashy anime-kid lips, and, in some cases, started actual physical altercations. It is arguably the most discussed “who would win” conversation in all of anime. 830 more words


my first touring of the year– how i’ve missed it!  though it was just a short local trip along a familiar route, the time in between since i came this way last made it seem fresh all over again. 143 more words


Finish line


On this day Party Rockets GT held a two part festival at Shibuya ASIA of which they were the host of, under the name “Rockin’ Together”. 3,775 more words


One-Punched Man - Krillin

Krillin, once known as Goku’s rival but now friends is a strong individual who is prominent as a Z Fighter. He usually gets overpowered by many strong enemies but has been known to provide a lot of comic relief during tense moments. 80 more words

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Copyright Strikes on the first video of my Anime YouTube channel and how I solved it - Saitama VS Genos | Ultimate Battle

Well I started a YouTube channel recently and uploaded this video.

The most irritating thing was that there were Copyright Strikes on my video… 151 more words