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Ashigakubo & Yokoze: a summer day trip around Chichibu

When it comes to summer in Chichibu, you can’t miss out on experiencing its culture, traditional festival, beautiful sights, and seasonal fruit picking! Here we’ll bring you to Ashigakubo and Yokoze, two areas boasting bountiful nature that you won’t be able to experience in metropolitan Tokyo. 502 more words

Seibu Railway

One Punch Man Series Review


Saitama became a hero fun fun but still didn’t get a lot of recognition. After unwillingly gaining a disciple (the cyborg Genos), Saitama takes the test to become an official hero and then begins tackling official jobs. 1,111 more words


My Review of One Punch Man!

What does it take to be a hero? It’s an age old question that’s been asked just about as many times as it’s been answered, by many different people and from many different perspectives. 3,594 more words


Saitama vs Genos

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This fight was so fun that I almost just linked the gif, but I still don’t really know how to properly add gifs onto here from flickr so the picture will do. 80 more words


Silk Moth

The late summer sees the emergence of the adult silk moth, a behemoth that can reach a wingspan of nearly 15cm (6 inches). Though the moth itself is a beautiful creature (if beauty is in the eye of the beholder), it is the child form of the moth, the silkworm, that is valued to the Japanese. 47 more words


Favourite Weapon, Gear or Armor in Anime

As part of the 30 day anime challenge,  I’ll be answering what I think my favourite weapon, gear or armour is within an anime. From the number of anime I have watched, and the number of weapons, or gear, or even armors that were used can fill a page or two in terms of the sheer number of them. 570 more words


Update + About Tokyo International University

With 19 days to go before I leave for studying abroad, I’ve been thinking not just about what I want to buy as soon as I get Japan or what I should pack but also been increasingly thinking about what I should last minute study before I leave and what kinds of things I will probably miss about home and the U.S. 692 more words