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One Punch Man, The Strongest Baldy

Saitama, the hero for a hobby, has punched his way out of the pages of the manga and found his way onto the big screen. 338 more words


One Punch Man : The Deep Sea King

Episode 8

“Shinkai no ō” (深海の王)

So my biggest question was answered last week. With the devestating powers that Saitama actually has how would the world react now that they can pin point just who it was that causes the destruction of their city whilst fighting “bad guys.” 1,202 more words


Back Again

been up here before. higashi (eastern) chichibu was as beautiful as i had remembered it but in a warmer hue now. last trip, i went up and back along the same route. 54 more words


Bye Guys!! I Am Just Gonna Spend All My Time Watching One-Punch Man :3

Yes, I have a big crush on Saitama.

Although he is 2D and totally doesn’t have black hair.

<3 Chuuu~~~ <3 <3 <3

Please marry me!!! :*

I Am NOT An Otaku

Tepi sungai dan es serut di Nagatoro, Mei 2015

Saya belum pernah sebelumnya mendengar tentang Nagatoro. Kota kecil di prefektur Saitama ini hanya berpenduduk 8.000-an orang, dan rasa-rasanya tidak banyak diperbincangkan di antara turis asing. 1,509 more words