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With Overwhelming Power...

“Having overwhelming power is boring as hell.” So rings the thesis of the breakout hit anime One Punch Man. Spoken by the series protagonist Saitama, this statement is both obvious and at the same time oddly brilliant. 649 more words


One Punch Man Anime Gets 2nd Season

After the success that was One Punch Man, the team behind the anime, including ONE, Yuusuke Murata and the anime staff and cast, recently announced at the “One Punch Man Fall Festival” that the anime would get a second season! 176 more words


Cosplay in Japan

: dressing up as a character from a movie, book, video game, or anime…And really the possibilities and creativity out there are endless.

Living in Japan the chance of seeing truly mesmerizing cosplayers is a big perk. 105 more words


This year's contest to choose Japan's greatest mascot attracting some shady characters

Call me old fashioned but I remember when mascots were meant to be cute, not demons spawned by human weakness or yam ninjas. 847 more words


Friday's Feature - I Want To Be The Very Best

I’m actually not writing a Pokemon post but I just felt that those words really summed up what I wanted to discuss this week. I want to look at the motivations of anime protagonists and this idea of being the best. 1,277 more words


Cyclogeography 4: Spinning Tins & Rusty Ruins

Mikajima, Saitama, Japan

I cycled through and around Mikajima one ferociously, hot afternoon early this month. Mikajima is a very rural area of Tokorozawa-shi , Saitama in Japan. 244 more words


Fan Art Friday for 9/9/2016

Here’s this week’s Fan Art Friday post. Hope you all enjoy!

“BnS rkgk” by wickedalucard! :D http://wickedalucard.deviantart.com/

“Just another day” by Hews-HacK! ^_^ http://Hews-HacK.deviantart.com/

“Tatsumaki – One Punch Man” by Rokudo-Aurora! 49 more words