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What's that? An update? Lies! This blog doesn't get updated.

So I’ve been in Japan for 2 months now, and a lot has happened, but at the same time it feels like not much has really happened. 701 more words

Japan by Prefecture: Saitama (埼玉県)

It’s time for ‘Japan by Prefecture‘ again! This is the series that aims to provide the highlights of each prefecture of Japan, along with my personal favourites and suggestions from readers. 507 more words



Finally I have managed to locate the amazing pink and white magnolia.  So glamorous!  Pink on the outside, white on the inside, like a dinner jacket.


Saitama #1: Soka Senbei (草加せんべい)

Saitama’s very first card features Soka-style Senbei, made famous in the Soka City area. Senbei are rice crackers that are baked. They’re pretty big crackers, and come in many flavors. 149 more words