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Kawagoe: Little Edo and Candy Alley

In early spring I visited Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture. It is lovingly referred to by locals as Ko-Edo, or Little Edo. There you will find streets lined with warehouses and stores constructed during the Edo period. 351 more words


Yamanote Line: Takadanobaba, Meijiro, & Ikebukuro

Takada no Baba

Takada no Baba, or “Takadanobaba” as JR East likes to write it, was a quiet village called 戸塚村 Totsuka Mura Totsuka Village in the Edo Period. 1,929 more words

Japanese History

Baseball in Japan

This video snapshot can only capture a fraction on the fun of the game as we cheer on the home team Lions.

Cool Things About Japan

8 Fantastic One Punch Man Wallpaper

One Punch Man follows the incredible story of Saitama as he faces villains who can’t even compare to him, his story focuses on how he’s unmatchable by anyone as he tries to climb the Hero Association. 78 more words

Featured Anime Art

One Punch Man

All right, I’ve finally started the super popular One Punch Man series. It’s definitely a lot better than the other insta hits like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. 36 more words