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Viết Hello World Tool trên Sakai

  1. Để tạo được Sakai Project trên eclipse, cần phải tải plugin sakaiproject cho eclipse.
  2. Các bước để tạo Sakai project HelloWorld :

– Vào eclipse, tạo Sakai project : 415 more words

Lập Trình

// G I L A //

Aku benci dia tapi aku masih sayangkan dia. Gila! Skru kepala aku longgar mungkin. Masih mengharapkan dia.

Ni bukan gila ni bodoh namanya.

Aku cubalah nak lupakan dia tapi setiap memori pasal dia terpelanting setiap kali aku nak tidur dan bangun dari tidur. 79 more words

Rate My Life - SUCKS!

Sakai Wicket Maven Archetype updated and released to Maven Central

The Sakai Wicket Maven Archetype has been updated to the latest version of Wicket 6 and styling issues fixed for the latest Sakai portal. It’s also been released to Maven central. 100 more words


The stunning Karen Sakai is on the playground!

Today on the playground we have the lovely, talented, Karen Sakai. She is an aspiring model and awesome cosplayer. So here we go. 5 questions! 273 more words


How do I know a student finished a quiz or assessment in Sakai?

Whether you’re teaching an online course or otherwise, having assessments automatically graded and added into a student’s grade is a great time saving feature, and can even be used as a mechanism to give student’s opportunities to practice and retain course content meant for application later. 164 more words


State focuses on efforts to reduce prison contraband

It’s an ongoing challenge for state officials. How do you to stop contraband from getting into the hands of prisoners?

In May, Halawa Correctional facility rolled out a new no contact visitor center, which was built to crack down on the flow of drugs and contraband which was finding it’s way in through visits. 313 more words