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Field Report: Maruoka Castle and Kitanoshō Castle, Fukui, Japan (30 June 2015)

Diego visits two castles in the space of a single afternoon: one whose main tower still stands high above the ground, and one brought so low that not even its very foundations have survived intact. 685 more words


Tool properties in tool registration files

I discovered this feature by accident when setting up a new tool and configuring its registration file. The registration file is what you use to wire up a webapp in Sakai so that it can be added to sites. 285 more words


Sakai i i i i

Sakai is an educational software platform used here at the University of South Alabama by faculty and students. It is used as a collaberative site for teachers and students to communicate and post regarding course assignments, deadlines and other educational purposes.  221 more words



After our day of touristing in Himeji we headed up to Osaka, but then promptly left again to our hostel in the suburbs, which was really more or less in a separate town (Sakai). 1,198 more words


Using Triggers to Release Content

I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with Trigger – but the trigger I’m speaking of here is the one you find in the dictionary not on Wikipedia.   327 more words


Online Course Presence - Whose Showing Up?

One of the great little tools in Sakai 10 is the Statistics tool.  While not really leveraged by many instructors – it’s usefulness is really passive in nature.   277 more words





warriors who die fighting for what they believe in (or as the government slaves euphemistically known as ‘Conscripts’). But sometimes honouring has to be withheld until after a decent waiting period … 693 more words