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Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Masu Ichi Brewery-Dai Ginjo (November 1988!)

My constant research on Shizuoka Prefecture sake and sake breweries led me some years ago to meet Mr. Toshihiro Matsunaga/松永俊宏さん, owner of Matsunaga Liquor Shop in Shizuoka City, who has been collecting and safely storing at low temperatures sake from all over Shizuoka Prefecture and some outside for no less than 30 years! 496 more words


Shizuoka Izakaya: Tanuki no Ana Celebrating Their 35th Anniversary!

Service: very kind and attentive
Equipment and facilities: overall a bit old but very clean
Prices: appropriate~a little expensive
Strong points: at least 23 sake from Shizuoka Prefecture! 531 more words

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Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Sanwa Brewery Garyubai Junmai Ginjo

The interesting things with Sanwa Brewery in Shizuoka City is that they can come up with two different sake with exactly the same specs but a totally different taste as shown with this Garyubai Junmai Ginjo and the precedent limited edition, Garyubai Junmai Ginjo “Ryoufuu Natsuzake”! 386 more words

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This week I got to do 2 very unusual things. I went on a tasting tour of London and to a Sake masterclass at Vinopolis. I won’t go into too much detail on either because that would give away all the fun but if you’re into history, drinking or learning then you should give them a go. 258 more words


Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Sanwa Brewery-Garyubai Junmai Ginjo "Ryoufuu Natsuzake" (conducted at la Sommeliere in Shizuoka City)

I don’t mind repeating it all the time but I prefer conducting sake tastings in the right environment but not many places are propitious for that exercise or willing to help. 523 more words

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Shizuoka Sake Tasting: One Cup Series 8) Hana No Mai Brewery-Ieyasu Kun Honjozo

Continuing the long series of one cup sake in Shizuoka Prefecture I found this one by Hana no Mai Brewery (Hamamatsu City) in Cenova Department Store in Shizuoka City! 399 more words


Shizuoka Sake Tasting: One Cup Series 7) Shidaizumi Brewery Nyan Cup Enoshima Ginjo

The other day once again thanks to her husband, my good friend Atsuko Kurata offered me this one cup sake by Shidaizumi Brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture but solely sold in Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture! 491 more words

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