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Drinking Vessels, part 2: Masu - Symbolism and Tradition

This is the second part of a series on historical drinking vessels.

For those who enjoy generous measures of sake, the Japanese masu will seem like a sensible choice. 260 more words


Male and female, he folded them

In order to pour drinks prettily!


Literally: male – butterfly – female – butterfly

Alternately: This noun phrase describes a pair of origami “butterfly” shapes sometimes attached to the decanters used for pouring sake during traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. 99 more words


Kindergarten bento - Grilled salmon mixed in rice (6/Dec/16)

Menu: Grilled salmon mixed in rice with scrambled egg on top, Mashed sweet potato with tori-soboro, Steamed broccoli, Boiled green beans, Cherry tomato

Mandarin mikan for dessert

Japanese 日本食

Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be Pt 2

Most normal women paint their nails all at once with only a few minutes between coats. Then they’re rendered useless while waiting for the polish to dry. 1,408 more words


yumi sushi - new smyrna beach

Another food that I found difficult to part from for my vegan ways was fish, especially raw ahi-grade tuna. The type that you find in those scrumptious sushi rolls. 440 more words