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Japanese Recipe: Garlic and Sake chicken

Trying to budget to travel around a country as expensive as Japan can be difficult, especially with some of the most delicious food in the world screaming “eat me!” from within every store you walk past on your way home from a 13 hour day at work. 310 more words


Brewing Booze And Animal Husbandry Have More In Common Than You Think

Brewers of alcoholic beverages aren’t just making drinks — they’re managing, and sometimes even breeding, specialized herds of tiny lifeforms which perform specific functions: yeasts.

49 more words

Praying for Strength and Guidance

You give and give
and I take for granted Your
beautiful blessings

You honored me with this
challenging trial–
a doting desire–
as a means to strengthen my… 17 more words

Creative Writing

Review - Buddha Bar - Knightsbridge, London

If you go out in London and frequent the many trendy restaurants that can be found, chances are you’ve been to the world-famous Buddha Bar in Knightsbridge. 589 more words


Bouncing Nets and a Little Black Dress

The fashion Gods gave the commandment that every girl must own a little black dress.

I’ve found mine and I have treasured it since 2012. I bought it in Rome because I felt I needed an LBD in the city where Audrey Hepburn ran away with Gregory Peck. 171 more words


Satsuma Sparkling (薩摩スパークリング)

I went for shopping to Meidiya Singapore today and met very cute shochu liqueur called Satsuma Sparkling. As the name mentioned, they are carbonate liqueurs bottled in champagne bottle. 264 more words


Taiheizan Junmai Daiginjo Tenko (大平山 純米大吟醸 天巧)

I had a chance to chat with Mr. Kodama, President of Kodama Brewing Co., Ltd, at Meidiya superstore in Singapore today.  Kodama Brewing is releasing Nihonshu of “Taiheisan” brand and some may know the “Tenko” label because  it received Gold medals in The US National Sake Appraisal in the last 9 consecutive years (2001-2009). 130 more words