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Great grub...NYC--

MMM!  Here we are gobbling tons of goodness at Shuko over on West 12th Street on the edge of Greenwich Village in New York Citaaaaay. . 328 more words


"Japanese" Beef Stew

Thought I’d try making some beef stew using mostly Japanese ingredients. Normally, I’d use tomato paste and red wine to make it, but I figured, how about miso and sake instead? 300 more words


The rising star in the Tokyo Sushi scene

In the Tokyo Sushi scene, the new generation of Sushi chef is rising. Daiki Ishida, 33 years old, is one of the rising stars. He opend his own Sushi restaurant, named “Shinpaku(白心)” in Hiroo, Tokyo, in December 2014. 474 more words



如果你也喜歡「你的名字」這電影,可能會對這聖地之酒感興趣,劇中女主角負責獻上這「口嚼酒」Kuchikamizake ,原來是一種古代用來釀酒的方法,由於米本身是澱粉質而不是糖份,不能直接用來發酵,而那時侯仍未懂得用麯菌來提取酶去把澱粉質轉為糖份,但就擁有傳統智慧,知道只要先咀嚼煮好的飯再放進器皿一段時間就可以完成發酵,變成酒了。




What To Choose To Celebrate The Life Of Someone Who Tried To Bogart Your Alcohol?

It has been an incredibly tough week. On Thursday we lost our cat of 18 years and it broke my heart. The week prior our other cat had gone missing and we received a call about him yesterday. 124 more words


Sesame Chili Tofu

Tofu is terribly underrated. Usually categorized as a vegetarian food, tofu is a beautifully adaptable and versatile foundation for many dishes, vegetarian or not. The deep fried versions tend to be the most palatable intro, but there are so many other options for slightly more adventurous eaters. 417 more words