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Team 7 Reunites - Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura

You wouldn’t see this image flying around any more, that’s because it goes way back to the good old days when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were all still part of Team 7, the three man cell with Kakashi as their mentor. 75 more words


[Longfic] When Sakura blossoms | chap 9

“Cậu thích anh ta ở điểm nào?”


“Điển trai,” con bé hớn hở đáp.


“Hn,” giọng câu bé có vẻ không phục.


“Và đặc biệt là, anh ấy rất dịu dàng.” Nó mỉm cười hạnh phúc. 5,465 more words


Anime Film Review: 'The Last: Naruto The Movie"

The Last: Naruto the Movie is a particularly interesting film in the Naruto franchise. Most long-running Shonen series produce movies on a yearly basis, but for obvious reasons, they are almost always non-canon. 983 more words


Naruto Shippuden Review

The time has come to talk a little about Naruto Shippuden in it’s entirety. Here I’ll cover and review the anime Naruto Shippuden from the very start to the end. 489 more words


[Longfic] When Sakura blossoms | chap 8

Cái cảm giác nửa thích nửa ghét thật khó chịu.


Khó chịu kinh khủng.

A  Y u ‘ s  p r o d u c t i o n… 4,606 more words

Character Analysis #1 - Sakura Haruno

There is no need to present the world famous manga Naruto, whose main series ended in November 2014 with its 72nd volume. We will not, in this article, present the context of the story, as it is not the main argument here. 636 more words

Hinata's Day! Gift Mission - Naruto Shippuden 499

Naruto Shippuden 499 follows Hinata and her day as she meets with her friends, her team as well as Kakashi and Iruka, all whilst she thinks that her friends are acting weird, learning about the mission of finding the best gift leads her to talk to Kakashi and Iruka about it. 556 more words