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In a World Without Tragedy - Infinite Tsukuyomi

In a world with tragedy, Madara Uchiha tries his best in order to free the world and rid it off all the tragedy, sorrow and pain which everyone lives in the normal world. 81 more words


Naruto Female Characters Compared to Greek Goddesses

Naruto is a great long running series, it has some great male and female characters which are loved by many fans. This posts will cover briefly who some Naruto female characters are if they were Greek Goddess’ as compiled by fans. 404 more words


Infinite Tsukuyomi! Madara's Rinnegan - Naruto Shippuden 425

Naruto Shippuden 425 sets up for the Infinite Tsukuyomi to become activate after Madara obtains both of his Rinnegan’s and capturing Obito’s body in the process using Black Zetsu. 580 more words


Cherry (Prolog)


Dedicated For Furaheart As Furahasekai

Haruna Present

Sakura Haruno | Uchiha Sasuke | Naruto Uzumaki


She Is My Cherry and Nobody Can Touch Her ! 466 more words

Sakura Haruno