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Over The Love - Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno have been in multiple situations where they have had a chance to be something. Sakura, from a very young age, became friends with Sasuke whilst being in Team 7, but after she showed her true intentions when Sasuke left, which was to bring him back, Naruto stepped in. 87 more words


Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya! Another Dimension - Naruto Shippuden 459

Naruto Shippuden 459 see’s Naruto and Sasuke’s battle against Kaguya as she tries to take all chakra that belongs to the world, all while trying to kill Indra and Ashura’s reincarnations. 543 more words


Cherry Blossom

So my fiancé got me a present for passing my Lifespan Psychology class and final. I’ve been waiting for this little novel to come out for so long. 82 more words

Loving Relationship - Sarada and Sakura

We got a Sarada special manga a few months back bidding the question if Sakura really is Sarada’s mother, we all questioned if she really is after DNA matched between Sarada and Karin, but it was later revealed to be fake in terms of Karin being the one who delivered Sarada from Sakura. 92 more words


Reasons why a lot of people are pansies

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Pfft I was reading some comments off crunchryroll from the episode on Naurto where Sakura finally gets her diamond- all the hate comments. 

490 more words