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Sealing Kaguya! Kakashi's Susanoo - Naruto Shippuden 473

Naruto Shippuden 473 see’s Obito lending Kakashi his Mangekyou Sharingan to enable his Susanoo and in terms helping with the defeat and sealing of Kaguya. Team 7 all work together in order to counter all of Kaguya’s moves to trap and seal her as both Sasuke and Naruto are quickly able to touch her shoulders. 480 more words


Fanfic Friday by Levy-chan

Welcome to our first Fanfic Friday. Every week a new Fanfic will be posted and shared. They will range from different animes and mangas.

Our first one is a Naruto Fanfic. 96 more words


Power Couple - Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura may be the strongest couple from the world of Naruto. Sasuke’s Sharingan and Rinnegan, along with his other powers and abilities such as his Chidori and fighting prowess allows him to fight and defeat most opponents, even Naruto. 96 more words


My Top 10 Anime Female Characters

As the years have went by, Anime has gotten a fairly large fan base. And that means that there must be characters within these shows that have left quite an impression on the viewers. 1,954 more words

Obito's Death! Gravity Dimension - Naruto Shippuden 471

Naruto Shippuden 471 see’s the return of Sasuke to Naruto as Kaguya is now forced to use the full extent of her powers in order to target both Naruto and Sasuke, she even goes as far as to put them into a high-gravity dimension where she uses her advantage to throw her bone ash’s which gets a hit onto Obito which now means he’ll die. 401 more words


Sasuke's Rescue! Obito's Effort - Naruto Shippuden 470

Naruto Shippuden 470 returns to the main canon works as Sasuke’s rescue comes into play with the help of Obito and Sakura. We see Kaguya fight against Naruto, even with the hundreds of Naruto clones which she has to face. 498 more words


Why Hate Sakura?

Come on peeps, why hate Sakura? I don’t know with all of you but I like her. Well, I get that she was really annoying, but that was just in part one. 321 more words