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Loving Relationship - Sarada and Sakura

We got a Sarada special manga a few months back bidding the question if Sakura really is Sarada’s mother, we all questioned if she really is after DNA matched between Sarada and Karin, but it was later revealed to be fake in terms of Karin being the one who delivered Sarada from Sakura. 92 more words


Reasons why a lot of people are pansies

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Pfft I was reading some comments off crunchryroll from the episode on Naurto where Sakura finally gets her diamond- all the hate comments. 

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Sasori's Death! Naruto and Sasuke - Naruto Shippuden 449

Naruto Shippuden 449 sees the continuation of the usual filler arc as we continue to see Sasuke return to the battle to Naruto and Sakura against Sasori who turns out to be the big bad guy with a ton of different puppets. 141 more words


Razzy by Community Beer Company

Rating: 4/5

Razzy by Community Beer Company is a 5.5% ABV Witbier brewed with raspberries

Razz begins as our World Beer Cup Gold Metal-winning Witbier, a year-round offering.
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Anime Beers :P

Ruebarb (Windowsill's Return?) The Bruery Terreux

Rating: 5/5

Ruebarb (Windowsill’s Return?) The Bruery Terreux is a 6% ABV Sour Belgian Blonde aged in Oak Barrels with Raspberries and Rhubarb

Snappy – Fruity – Oaky…
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Anime Beers :P

2015 Fort by Dogfish Head

Rating: 6/6

2015 Fort by Dogfish Head is an 18% ABV American Strong fruit Ale brewed with Raspberry Puree.

Commercial Description:
An ale brewed with a ridiculous amount of pureed raspberries (over a ton of ’em!).
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Naruto Follows Sasuke! The ANBU - Naruto Shippuden 444

Naruto Shippuden 444 see’s Sasuke going towards Orochimaru as Naruto and others find out. Naruto and Shikamaru go to find him to bring him back when they find themselves against Hanzo’s Foundation ANBU who are trying to kill them. 146 more words