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Sweet Sakura Dreams

Nothing makes it more clear that spring has finally arrived in Vancouver than when the first few cherry blossoms start to bloom. The streets are lined with rows of pale pink flowers and petals float around the city like falling snow. 181 more words


Living Abroad: Be a Struggle Person

Hampir separuh perjalanan saya sudah hampir selesaikan selama menempuh studi di negeri yang penuh keteraturan, dan tentu saja, bagi teman-teman, mengunjungi negara Jepang, menjadi kesenangan sendiri karena bisa menjelajah satu-persatu setiap negara di belahan bumi manapun. 1,068 more words


Rituals Bath & Shower Products To Make You Swoon

Being an ultimate blogger cliché, I love new bath and shower products.

Finding something I love however is usually a bit more difficult. I usually stick to Lush for a weekend treat and good ol’ Nivea or Dove shower cream for the week. 347 more words


Early-blooming sakura cherry blossoms create pink-tinged wonderlands in Japan

People around the country are sharing stunning photos of the early-blossoming sakura in full bloom. 965 more words


Day 23 - Dining fun

Today, I’m doing something a little different and blogging from a local restaurant. Sometimes I draw a blank trying to blog in the morning right away, so we will change things up a bit. 205 more words


Forever Entwined Update

Hi guys!

So I wanted to update you all on “Forever Entwined.” I have written 1/4 of the chapter. Since 1/4 of my chapter has 5,000 words so far, this means that when I post this chapter (which might be end of February through Mid-March), it could come out to be 20,000-22,000 words. 448 more words