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A closer look at a television series: 21 Jump Street (1987 to 1991)

In 2013 I blogged about movies I watched for the 365 movie challenge.  For 2014 I aim to review some of the television series that I have watched in entirety.   1,069 more words


Favorite Quotes: Part II - 21 Jump Street

What happened to part 1? Decided to not post it yet. But this one is dedicated to ’21 Jump Street’.

Season 1:

21 Jump Street… 974 more words


21 Jump Street: Season 2

‘In the Custody of a Clown’ – HILARIOUS! One messed up family all right. YES, that was really sad for the kid to be stuck in the middle of his parents, BUT that was kind of funny seeing how the Jump Street team had to go around asking questions like that and received strange answers, especially Doug. 4,263 more words


21 Jump Street: Season 1

So I went back to watch the first season just for kicks and do a review of it as well. Anchor Bay Entertainment version so I could watch it at night without turning on the sound too loud (as not to disturb others). 1,444 more words


21 Jump Street: Season 3 - Part II

‘Fathers and Sons’ reminded me of an earlier episode ‘Coach of the Year’ since it somewhat followed the line of letting the criminal go because of connections and/or power status. 965 more words


21 Jump Street: Season 4

‘Draw the Line’ continued with Ioki still in a coma and Hanson still spending time in prison. They had to put in the scene where Doug was trying to hook up the TV but he ended up hooking it into the phone jack! 2,514 more words


21 Jump Street: Season 3

I recently caught up on collecting this again and ended up being drawn into it once again. Surprisingly, it was one of my favorite shows BUT not because of anyone character and/or actor. 1,537 more words