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Zaahid Loses His Shoes

One afternoon, Zaahid went to Madrassah. There he took off his shoes and placed them on the shoe rack, next to the other children’s shoes. 280 more words

Little Blessings 1

Muslim and Jewish Women Join Together

Both Feeling Threatened, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands

By Laurie Goodstein / The New York Times
December 5, 2016

“If Muslims have to register, we’re all going to register .

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Peace / سلام - Abdulrahman Mohammed & Mohab Omer

بعثنا مع النسيم سلامًا للحبيب الجميل حيث أقامًا
بعثنا مع النسيم سلامًا للحبيب الجميل حيث أقامًا
وسمعنا الطيور في الروض تشدو فنقلنا عن الطيور كلامًا


Friends remember Rashaan Salaam as more than a football star

Friends, ex-teammates and former coaches remembered 1994 Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam as much more than a football star upon hearing of his death in a park not far from the University of Colorado, where he stamped his name as one of the g…

Sending salaams to the Prophet

Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulullah!

Assalamu ‘alaika Ya Rasulullah!

It was narrated that Abdullah ibn Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allah salallahu alaihi wa salam said: “Allah has angels who go around on earth, conveying to me the salaam of my ummah.” 84 more words

Real Beauty Of Islam