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1. Project Muslimah 

Hafsa rolled onto her back with a sigh. She was just going to suck it up and wait this camp out. Besides, how bad could it be. 547 more words


5. Behind The Orange Punjabi 

“The nikah is done! The nikah is done!” Shenaaz froze, unsure of what to do now as Aatif, one of her cousins came tearing into his house, running at top speed. 876 more words

Behind The Orange Punjabi


Swahili has many words that are derived from Arabic, such as SAFARI (coming from the Arabic word “al-safar,” also meaning travel). SAFARI is a noun in Swahili, meaning trip or journey. 117 more words



What’s in a salaam?

Are you the kind of person who smiles at strangers passing by? Always give a howdy to? 708 more words