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When a person says this to you what is your response?

Is it an instant response?

Do you look at the person first then decide or not if you will say anything back? 289 more words

Be Inclusive, Not Exclusive This Ramadhan

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

The blessed month of Ramadhan is upon us, alhamdulillah and more and more people will be going to the masjid to pray Taraweeh, may Allah swt accept from us all, Ameen. 966 more words


MotivationMonday 1.1 - I declare Peace

Assalam Alaykum (Peace Be Unto You)!

I say this not just because I am Muslim. I say this not because I feel compelled by default greetings or empty words. 249 more words


What was I thinking?

Ever have one of those days when you wonder what in the world you were thinking?

After eating at The India Spice House, I stopped in at the adjoining grocery store. 183 more words


Remember the Reminders 1.0 Asalaamu Alaikum السلام عليكم

Hello brothers and sisters and fellow non-muslim readers also,

The new post is now available to read on my profile page underneath “Remember the Reminders”. It discusses the saying of Salaam in Islam and it’s meaning and value. 12 more words