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My Husband's Lunch

“Jonesing” for the corned beef brisket I made for St. Patrick’s Day, about a week ago my husband hefted a 4.5 lb brisket into the shopping cart saying that he wanted MORE.   107 more words

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In Case of Famine

I always worry about not being able to find or not having enough of some cooking ingredient, spice or whatever.  Probably because I spent a lot of time in countries where this always happened.   7 more words

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Baby Beef

My husband loves the old fashioned American diners that you can still find on the East coast.  Nothing like the hamburger joint in Pulp Fiction, way too upscale, but he likes the ones with meat loaf, roast beef specials and enormous breakfasts that include pancakes with eggs, bacon, home fries, buttered (margarine) toast and jam.   599 more words

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