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View of Sh. Ibn Tahmiyyah regarding Takfir of Shi'a AthnaAshariyyah.

We have seen most of the so called Salafis [ Most of them don’t even follow their Salaf ] do Takfir of Shi’a and they do it without any Knowledge and infact they go aganist their Salaf regarding this who even used to take Narration from Shia Imamiyyah. 143 more words


Emergent but Uncreated Attributes

The Mujasima believe that Allah ﷻ is attributed with “emergent”, yet “uncreated” qualities. That is to say: He lacked a quality that He then brings into existence for Himself, and yet this emergent quality is uncreated. 361 more words

As per Albaani Prophet [pbuh] was illiterate and used to utter words unknowingly !

Salafis are famous for their acts ranging from giving absurd traits to Allah swt to degrading the status of Prophet . Today we will show you one such act by one of their Famous Contemporary Scholar whom they call ” … 251 more words


Refuting Shaykh Albaani regarding a Narration.

Whenever we discuss with Sunni lads on the topic ” Companions of Prophet pbuh and other issues related to it ” then at last when they have no answer they end their discussion by say ” … 584 more words


Are Companions to be prefered over Rest of the Ummah !

There is a Principle among AhluSunnah that there is a hierarchy of acceptance of Narrations like this Marf’u [ Narrations from Prophet pbuh ] > … 229 more words


Detailed Research on " Hadith of Bird " about Imam Ali [a.s] being Superior most after Prophet pbuh among whole creation by Salafi Scholar of Pakistan Shaykh Zubair Ali Za'i

When we discuss with so called AhluSunnah they always try to weaken the Narrations about merits of Imam Ali using Principles from here and there. But AlHamdulillah they can never erase truth ! 661 more words


The first Hadith Book compiled in Sunni School of thought !

When Quranists attack so called Sunnis by saying to them that ” Your Hadith Books were compiled very late ” . Then most of the Sunni People tell them that we do have some Compilations which were written during the time of Companions and They most often quote this Book ” … 329 more words