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Crest reviews The Battle for British Islam - "a must read before passing judgement on home-grown extremism"

Sara Khan’s provocative title is more than just an attention grabber. She has spent years fighting extremist Islam in Britain, most recently as the director of…

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Harry's Place reviews The Battle for British Islam

Why did extreme groups start to secure a foothold at the turn of the century? Paradoxically it may partly have been because ‘traditional ties of family and community were loosening, and individuals were becoming open to new ideas about their faith.’  But whereas some chose a liberal path, others were drawn to the certainties of Islamism.

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Swiss police stage raids in probe of Islamist groups

 Reuters International

FEB 22, 2017 – 

ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss police raided several houses and searched a mosque in the southern canton of Ticino on Wednesday as part of an investigation into suspected Islamist activity, federal prosecutors said. 197 more words

The Muslim Times

Chelsea: Then and Now

This story owes much to Bo Emp. He provided a lot of insights into how to bring Chelsea along the path to becoming a “black ghost.” These included both the change in her mindset (attending the class) and the gradual adoption of more concealing clothing. 8,746 more words


Al-Lajnah Al-Daa’imah — None of the Imaam from ahlus-Sunnah called people to perform their Taqleed


“… None of the Four ‘A’immah called people to follow his Math-hab (School of Jurisprudence), or obliged anyone else to act in accordance with it or with a specific Math-hab. 293 more words

Ahlul Hadeeth

Al-Lajnah Al-Daa’imah — The respect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards Four 'A'immah


“… Moreover, none of the scholars in Saudi Arabia, whether in Makkah, Al-Madeenah, or any other part of the Kingdom of Saudi Kingdom dispraises any Imaam of Fiqh i.e. 156 more words

Ahlul Hadeeth