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Impact of Words

It was just a few words!

Ponder over the following examples where *very* few words unlocked the greatness of three great people.

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Ethics and Deradicalization Against Terrorism


*This text was submitted to us in French and translated.

Since the great successes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS) in 2014 and the series of spectacular attacks in France in 2015, the phenomenon of religious radicalization (supposedly the origin of the jihadism), has been particularly… 3,989 more words


The Problem With Wahhabism

Saudi Arabia follows an interpretation of Islam called Wahhabism, which I have a problem with because their austere rules don’t even exist in the Qur’an or Sunnah. 282 more words



Asy-Syaikh Rabi’ bin Hady al-Madkhaly hafizhahullah berkata:

فليحمد الله من وُفق لفهم المنهج السلفي والالتزام به، فإنّ هذه من أعظم نعم الله تبارك وتعالى.

“Siapa saja yang mendapatkan taufiq untuk memahami manhaj salafy dan berpegang teguh dengannya, maka hendaklah dia memuji Allah, karena ini termasuk nikmat Allah Tabaraka wa Ta’ala yang terbesar.” 17 more words


Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah & The Beliefs of the Ash`aris

Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah & The Beliefs of the Ash`aris

A class conducted on Ummah Radio. Recitation and Explanation of the Matn of Al-`Aqeedatul Murshidah, along with an explanation of the Ash`ari `Aqeedah in light of aspersions cast by Salafis. 16 more words

Crest reviews The Battle for British Islam - "a must read before passing judgement on home-grown extremism"

Sara Khan’s provocative title is more than just an attention grabber. She has spent years fighting extremist Islam in Britain, most recently as the director of…

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