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Berita Kepada Kawan

“Berita Kepada Kawan” merupakan sebuah judul lagu Ebiet G. Ade yang terkenal dengan liriknya: ‘coba kita bertanya pada rumput yang bergoyang’. Ada penggalan lirik lain yang sangat menarik dan sangat relevan dengan situasi saat ini. 134 more words




DAY ONE 25th April 2015: Setting off, a puncture, brotherhood….


Alhamdulillah 21 of us gathered together outside the London Muslim Centre at 7am ready with our bikes and gear to ride off to Paris inshaAllah. 477 more words


Jummah Mubarak ♡

Always have faith and never stop asking Allah (swt) for what your heart needs. He already knows what you need and has planned accordingly. Allah (swt) will give it to you when the time is right, keep praying and if it is good for you it will happen. 18 more words


5 Things I Wished Muslims Had Asked Me | #AskARevert | The Unlocking Series

Bismillahir rahmenir raheem,

Asalaamu alaykum everybody,

Following on from my “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became Muslim” article, I was speaking to a friend of mine who reverted around 6 months ago about how she’s finding the deen so far. 969 more words


"The enemy never lets his attention slip.”

“Iblees tricks people in whatever way he can, and his power over them increases and decreases according to their alertness or negligence, their ignorance or knowledge.  68 more words