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Maximise the Rewards of Jumu'ah

It’s Jumu’ah! The most blessed day of the week.

Below are some of the Aadaab of Jumu’ah we can follow to try and maximise the rewards inshallah. 606 more words


How Meditation Can Help You to Connect with God Better

I don’t know how most of you view the practice of meditation by a Muslim as I am aware of how it is heavily connected and associated with the practice of Buddhists and Hindus in becoming more spiritual. 1,927 more words

The Conditions, Pillars, Requirements, and Optional(s) of the Salah Video Series @ RIC

Part 1 Salah – The Condition for the Prayer

Part 2 the Salah – The Conditions for the Prayer

Part 3 the Salah – The condition of the Prayer last part… 37 more words

Abul Baraa Muhammad Amreeki

Ten Comments You Will Hear Before Pursuing Your Deen

Ten Comments You Will Hear Before Pursuing Your Deen
For anyone who ever thought of growing a full fist-length beard, observing proper hijab and/or niqab, or dressing in an Islamic manner but have not been able to do so, this is a must read for you. 1,571 more words


The connection between salaah and seeing Allah

Sheikh ‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Badr (hafidhahullah) writes in his book “ta’dheem al-salaah”, in the chapter titled “the connection between salaah and seeing Allah ﷻ”:

Indeed the most complete of all favors and the most perfect of bliss the people of Jannah will experience is seeing their Lord, the Mighty, the Glorious, delighting their hearts cooling their eyes, granting them the greatest of happiness and enjoyment in paradise, the abode of delight. 1,406 more words

Guest Post: My Journey to Prayer

Salaam everyone!

So, if you follow Abigail over on her blog, you will have definitely already read the post that you are about to see here. 1,313 more words


The Five Pillars Of Islam :- A Brief Revision

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people !!  hope you all are doing well!! As I said I will be posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays… So here I am with a new post..May Allah(Azzawajjal) accept this tiny little work of mine…Ameen…

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