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Why is praying qaza prayer so hard? I think because it reminds you of the prayers you’ve missed your whole life, since prayer became obligatory on you.


മഅ്മൂം മുസ്ഹഫിലേക്ക് നോക്കൽ.(ഷെയ്ഖ് ഫൗസാൻ ) حفظه الله

هل يجوز للمرأة أو الرجل أن #يتابعالقراءةمعالإمامفي_المصحف وهو يصلي #التراويح، سواء رفع المتابع صوته أم لم يرفعه‏؟‏

لا يجوز للمأموم رجلاً كان أو امرأة أن يتابع قراءة الإمام نظرًا في المصحف؛ لأن هذا يشغله عن الصلاة؛ من غير حاجة إلى ذلك، وهذه ظاهرة يفعلها بعض الشباب الآن، ولم يكن هذا من عمل السلف فيما نعلم؛ فالواجب تركه والنهي عنه‏.‏
وقد اختلف العلماء في حكم قراءة الإمام من المصحف عند الحاجة، فكيف بالمأموم‏؟‏‏!
[#المنتقى من فتاوى الشيخ #الفوزان]


Match Day 1: The good, the bad & the ugly 

Rewind only two weeks ago and most of us Liverpool fans were brimming with optimism for the upcoming 2017/2018 season. We were witnessing a strong pre-season campaign, whereby our attacking force looked fierce from all angles, our squad looked unscathed by any injury woes (Clyne being an exception) and, most importantly, a Coutinho deal to Barcelona seemed wholly off the table.   818 more words


The new season - same problems. Watford 3 Liverpool 3

Liverpool have had a fine pre-season. New signing Salah, despite my doubts over his ability to make an impact in the Premier League looked far better than I could possibly imagine. 922 more words

Hadith on Moderation

The Prophet reprimands Mu’adh for reciting too long in congregational prayer 184 more words

Game-Week 1 Predictions

Are you all excited for the premier league to start ? I am sure most of the fantasy league players and other football fans would be waiting for the starting day. 529 more words