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12 ways to remain productive while menstruating


May 26, 2016

1. Read a translation of the Quran or tafsir book
2. Make dua and spend time engaging in dhikr… 364 more words


I 4 anni di Pradè-Fiorentina e i motivi dell'addio

Daniele Pradè non è più il direttore sportivo della Fiorentina. Dopo le ultime, disastrose, sessioni di mercato in casa viola, era inevitabile che finisse così. Dal caso… 696 more words



Pagi ini terasa menciut, sedang burung bercuit cicit.

Cacat yang kau buat jadi catatan berat, menghambat kilat.

Ada kalanya manusia khilaf karena kalap, ada kalanya karena lalai. 45 more words

Kriya Kata

I'm stressed... AaRRgHH!


Stress is often, not always, the result of overburdening a system so that it cannot function normally. In extreme cases a person under stress is unable to rest or sleep, even when they know that rest and sleep are what they urgently need. 1,892 more words


Roma 2015/16 Season Review

Roma closed out the season with a comfortable win away at Milan, and had there been a few games more it’s possible that they would have edged out Napoli in the race for second. 1,268 more words


Salah Study: Before you begin

This bit of wisdom is from a friend of mine, Afshin. At a gathering she hosted a few years ago, at some point during a conversation during the evening, she mentioned something that I picked up instantly as advice for Salah. 345 more words


Importance of Salah (Namaz) in Islam (Part 1)

by Manzar Mashhood

Remember, Satan was cursed and earned hellfire for eternity for refusing only one Prostration (sajda) to Adam (Alayh Salaam). What is going to happen to us, we refuse to bow down several times in a day to the lords of the heavens and the earth by not offering our… 1,829 more words

6 Points Of Tableegh