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Tasmania Day 1

Salamanca Market and Mount Wellington

Sometimes in a rush for more exotic destinations we ignore the wonderful places right under our nose, and we pretty much ignored Tasmania for the first 11 years after we’d moved to Melbourne. 205 more words

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A traveller - at the Salamanca Market set up by the Derwent River

Since April I have been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can continue my walk to the source of the Derwent River more comfortably. 227 more words

Derwent River

Postcard from Tasmania: Salamanca Market, Hobart

After an epic road trip, we finally made it to Hobart where we gratefully settled into our rental home for a few nights and prepared to explore a little bit of the city. 196 more words


Our Australian Adventure 2015 style - Tasmania

Thursday 26 February

A day travelling from Uluru and after allowing for the 90 minutes time difference between Ayres Rock and Sydney, the Flight time is scheduled at 3 hours 5 minutes. 1,380 more words


salamanca market, hobart

globe-trotting market enthusiasts will understand there’s a same sameness to all markets. these same folk will also understand that visiting a new market in a new city is also necessary, in spite of any suspicions that reinforce the first statement. 218 more words


A Tasmanian road trip (part 1)

Lonely Planet’s #4 pick in their 2015 Top 10 Regions to visit, Tasmania (or Van Diemen’s Land as it was once called), an island state south of the Australian mainland, is undeniably one of Australia’s top tourism destinations. 698 more words


Best meat pie in Hobart 

I have been enjoying my time in Hobart, Tasmania with my boyfriend and family. We surprised his mom last night by flying down to see them. 149 more words