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The Wondrous Orange-Bellied Newt

California orange bellied newt (Taricha torosa).

One of the great indicators of seasonal change in the Santa Ynez Range of Santa Barbara is the arrival of orange bellied newts to mountain streams. 413 more words


Amphibians (such as frogs, toads, newts, axolotl, and salamanders) live part of their lives in water and part of their lives on land.


The Fire Salamander

It was a damp day in the Zarnesti gorge and it did not take our guide very long at all to find this fabulous Fire Salamander.   34 more words


Water words and tiger tales

Over 100 years ago, there was no quarry here on these 50 acres. Cranberry Run was a meandering trickle. When the digs and blasts began, this place’s namesake was one of several in these parts. 564 more words

Conservation Farm

Intertidal zone

I’m currently reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s flood of a novel, New York 2140, at the edges of the work day. Sea levels have risen fifty feet but stubborn New Yorkers are trying to redefine their big moldy apple as SuperVenice, navigating the street-canals via vaporettos and hydrofoils. 675 more words

Super-Sized Salamander

The largest amphibian in North America was once found throughout the cool, clear streams of the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. Today these shy creatures are only found in a narrow region extending from eastern West Virginia south through Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and ending in north Georgia. 75 more words


#1702 Salamander

Another Salamander, this time with an eastern red cedar top on a basswood back.
I initially did the same gouged surfacing as on the walnut one… 130 more words

Carved Top