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Amphibian art for conservation

I found Leah Jay’s artwork when I was looking for artwork that captures the conservation of salamanders. Her artwork is… poetry. The use of watercolors and words to look like a combination of naturalist paintings and street art is just wonderful. 72 more words



A new species of prehistoric crocodile-like amphibians has been discovered. According to a new study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology, the Metoposaurus algarvensis, which had hundreds of sharp teeth and measured the length of a small car, thrived over 200 million years ago during the rise of the dinosaurs and was among the top predators of its era. 150 more words


Rare Breed: Texas Blind Salamander beer

I was privileged enough to spend a little time with some captive Texas blind salamanders over the weekend, which got me looking around for Texas blind salamander art etc. 174 more words


Hike: Chub Sandhill - long leaf pine, resurrection fern & salamander eggs!

Last Thursday I joined ten others for a Chesterfield Parks and Recreation hike thru Chub Sandhill Natural Preserve in Sussex County, Virginia. I love hiking with these folks! 465 more words

A salamander the size of a car

In an excavation in Portugal, scientists have found fossil bones of salamanders from 220 million years ago that would have been around two metres long, and about the size of a car – BBC News

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