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Why Soundgarden’s video for Black Hole Sun is even weirder than you thought - Part 3: Salamanders and the Czech Connection

So.  Pool-babe.

On the surface level, the character of pool-babe fits in with the video’s theme of vanity and superficiality.  There’s a fake, plastic-y vibe about her.  926 more words

Day 160: Drawing a Day

A salamander in pencil. I had hopes of painting after little person’s bedtime, but life took over and I was zapped of energy. So anyways, here’s my humble offering of the day.


A last walk with Dago

Before leaving for Montreal on April 30th, I had a last long farewell walk with Dago, whom I’ll be back to late September for some new woody adventures. 46 more words


Cave Salamander

Natural History Topic of the Month

This was a busy weekend here in Tennessee—for us. My wife hosted what she calls a Rookie Roundup for newer members of… 470 more words

A Zoo Story

If someone had asked me a week ago to tell them what a “hellbender” was, I’d have guessed that it was a term for a wild night of drinking that inevitably results in a killer hangover and a deep sense of regret. 1,299 more words

May 13, 2015 at 11:18AM

Feuersalamander (Fire Salamander) by Laurent Moose