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Chinese Giant Salamanders (Andrias davidianus)

Common Name: Chinese Giant Salamanders
Scientific Name: Andrias davidianus
Family: Cryptobranchidae
Location: China and introduced to Taiwan
Size: 5.9 feet or 180 cm

The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest salamander and amphibian in the world. 97 more words

Iberian ribbed newt in Spain

This video says about itself:

Pleurodeles waltl, Iberian Ribbed Newt

Recorded in Parque Regional Sierra Espuña in the Murcia region in Spain.


Plans for the future...

Making the most of the free shipping from Forge World, the Salamanders are getting some big reinforcements…

With Corax and Fulgrim gracing our battlefields, it was only a matter of time before Vulkan brought his massive hammer to bear! 103 more words


Plethodontid Week

Last week was Plethodontid Week on Twitter. It’s a week to celebrate how cool the family Plethodontidae is! Here are some of the highlighted tweets. 401 more words

The Internet Is Convinced This Giant Lizard Could Be an Evil Creature From Stranger Things

The hellbender, also known as the hellbender salamander, is an aquatic giant salamander that lives in the eastern part of North America. They are not dragons, demogorgons, or extras on the set of… 333 more words

Plethodontidae - Lungless Salamanders

Plethodontidae – Lungless Salamanders

Number of Subfamilies: 2 – Hemidactyliinae and Plethodontinae
Number of Genera: 28: Hemidactyliinae – Aquiloeurycea (6), Batrachoseps (22), Bolitoglossa (132), Bradytriton… 705 more words

Family Friday

Cottonmouths In November- I Forget That I Live In The South!

This is basically a summary post of three trips at Snake Road, covering the last few days of October and the first week or so of November. 1,214 more words