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Soney Sinew

It’s late and I’m tired from the hours but I must keep my eyes open until tomorrow’s tape is complete. Without it sleep would be pointless. 2,578 more words

I can climb hard things!

Hello again! Today’s Sunday hike took me to Cecret Lake. Long story short: I got pretty emotional driving up and was pretty emotional the whole way. 640 more words

Basically Blogging

40k Paint & Play - Week 2

So I’ve joined a 40k Paint and Play at my FLGS and played my first game the other day (with last week’s game retroactively counting as participating — Thanks, Matt!). 294 more words


40K Three Way - Salamanders, Orks and Genestealers

The members of the Sherwood, Hucknall Ilkeston Team gathered once more for wargamming and drinking. I suggested going to the pub but 40K won out. 381 more words

June is Done

It’s late, nearly ten o’clock.
The New Retro is streaming,
My skin is recovering
From a day at the pool.

The morning was spent with my daughter. 171 more words


Summer Panorama: Reptiles and Amphibians

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Panorama: Reptiles and Amphibians edition. Read here about the vital roles reptiles and amphibians play in the Schlitz Audubon ecosystem, our Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Area, citizen science in the ponds, and more.

Promiscuous salamander reproduction research

This 2015 video is called Ambystoma andersoni, Anderson’s Salamander.

From the University of Iowa in the USA:

Promiscuous salamander found to use genes from three partners equally…

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