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I’m working on Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders Legion of Space Marines. I also have a squad of his Firedrake Terminators to work on. I wanted to get him right, so I am working on the Firedrakes first. 153 more words


Ruben and Beatrice

Ruben wanted a new pet – a lizard from New Zealand. He had seen it in a magazine. His sister Beatrice said she wanted one, too. 297 more words

This Was Imagined

You'll Find One Of The Ten Best Aquariums In The US Here In Chicago!

Trip Advisor has ranked the best aquariums in the US, and The Shedd made the Top 10.

Actually, it was #6 on the list, the aquarium in Atlanta was actually top on the list. 36 more words



Rainbow Salamander $45 8×10 Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD! Salamander, Black & Gold $45 8×10 Acrylic on Canvas

If you’re interested in this or other work, Contact Me here.

Tristan Collins

Press: Amphibian Contributions to Ecosystem Services

What Do Frogs Do All Day?

The University of Wisconsin-Madisen Arboretum produced this very nice leaflet: https://arboretum.wisc.edu/content/uploads/2012/11/35_ArbLeaflet.pdf.

It outlines how amphibians enhance ecosystem functions and enrich our lives and is largely based on our recent paper: 41 more words