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Spotted Salamander Larvae Soon To Emerge From Eggs

Roughly a month after spotted salamanders participate in frenzied courtship dances, deposit spermatophores (males) and take the spermatophores into their bodies (females), the resulting eggs have developed into larvae.  169 more words

Missouri hellbenders bounce back from the brink of extinction

By Hannah Lazo

ST. LOUIS – On a typical Tuesday at the St. Louis Zoo Herpetarium, a steady stream of visitors meandered through the exhibits home to numerous species of reptiles and amphibians. 2,283 more words


Invasive Species Workshop, Salamanders, and Wildlife Grants: this week in environmental news

Invasive Species and Site Preparation Workshop (Michigan Society of American Foresters): Attend a free hands-on invasive species workshop in Wellston, Michigan on Saturday, May 21 hosted by the Michigan Society of American Foresters. 442 more words


nursery pond

The undine hummed an underwater lullaby to the eggs in her care. She tucked the salamander eggs a little tighter into their cloud and dusted the settling mud from the clutches of frog eggs. 17 more words

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy - M.31 Ep 22

The Silent Run is secured. Its guns are trained on the Sons of Vulkan as they retreat to their Stormbirds.

But the XXth legion is hot on their heels, hell-bent to stop them.

Guerrilla Miniature Games