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Spotted Salamander Larvae Feeding

A few short weeks ago spotted salamanders gathered at vernal pools to breed and lay eggs. Since then their eggs have started hatching, and gilled spotted salamander larvae can now be found in these pools. 78 more words


An update from the land of 10pm dinners

Wow, what a week! 7 days into the trip to Oviedo, Spain, and I finally have enough downtime to write a short post here about what I’ve learned, besides a little Spanish. 193 more words

Mother blackbird feeding chick, video

This video is about an adult female blackbird, trying to feed a smooth newt to her youngster. However, her child does not seem to really like it. 80 more words


More Beakies!

This is my second of a series of posts about my Salamanders. This post is going to focus on my Troops choices. 245 more words


Frog Prince

Jackson dropped a minuscule screw and it rolled into a crack in the wooden top of his workstation.  The mechanical toad wriggled its strong back legs, struggling to free itself from the man’s left hand.   1,051 more words


Touching the Sacred, Part 4: Beltane as "Found Festival"

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]

Bluets carpet our backyard lawn, an easy seduction into putting off the mowing I’ll need to do in another week. 606 more words



Recently I have been nigh on chain painting my Salamander force and figured I would do a series of posts about the army. 365 more words