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Something Slimy, Something Wet

By Stephani Hren

Slick, algae-covered stones, a slide into sterling water and then splash

There are things in the muck—soft, squishy things! Slippery and wet and squirming! 75 more words


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Forged in Flame

I’ve finished the Firedrake Terminator Squad for the Salamanders Space Marines (the test model was an earlier post).

The Firedrakes all have the same level of decoration, with a little variation in detail coming from threads and trophies draped over their armor. 54 more words


The Salamander's Ire

There is perhaps no more dangerous a thing than a creature beyond its ken. I write today of both people and salamanders, the first beyond their depth in knowledge, the second beyond its proper reach in nature, both a source of needless destruction. 663 more words

Mythical Creatures

Sword Art Online - Episode 18 - "To the World Tree" - Going Renegade

   ALfheim Online has interesting politics and some really interesting characters too who we had never met before. Suguha/Leafa and her relationship to her party, as well as her people, the Sylph’s relationship to the Spriggan, and the constant threat of the Salamanders. 409 more words


“By God, They’re Protecting Salamanders Rather Than Human Beings!"

comment heard in a restaurant in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
by Thomas Davis
An Italian Sonnet

When Darwin saw gradation in a finch
That flits about Galapagous… 144 more words


A new salamander for Mexico

There are many threats facing amphibians including habitat loss, newly emerging diseases, and the deadly chytrid fungus.  It is easy to feel that things are hopeless, so it’s important to celebrate good news when it occurs. 324 more words


New fungus threatens North American salamanders

Scientists call for ban on imports

Staff Report

FRISCO — Federal wildlife officials are dragging their feet by failing to implement a ban on salamander imports from Asia, scientists said this week, explaining that a devastating fungus is likely to spread into the U.S. 738 more words