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Average Salaries For 145 Jobs In The United Kingdom

The Sun UK released a research carried out by UK National statistics office some jobs and their average wage for 145 professions.

The study shows the earnings of 21,563,000 people that revealed an average UK salary is £27,271, although most people will have to wait until their 30s before they are earning that much. 496 more words


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After terminating the entire engineering graduation project instructors, Jean the Apostle also known as the Graduation Project Baptist and the 5G Revelation Bearer became the only faithful member of the Spark Plug gossip group. 261 more words


Why You Should Not Compare Your Pay To Salary Guides From Recruitment Firms And Job Portals

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

Discussing salary matters with your co-workers, relatives and friends is generally considered taboo in Singapore. While people often discuss their intimate lives and share their deepest fears with those close to them, many feel uneasy discussing their finances, especially their salary. 938 more words

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20 of the 25 top paying US companies are part of the technology industry

As fierce competition for workers with tech-related skills has become the norm, so has high pay.

On the jobs website Glassdoor, workers anonymously submit their salaries. 141 more words

Confessions of a failed entrepreneur

Aakash ”I failed.. because I tried doing everything on my own’

Saakshi ”it was failed by my team who left me in lurch’

James ‘I focused more on meetings then the product” 85 more words

Βρετανία: Διαφάνεια, ισότητα και έσοδα για την εφορία

Εταιρείες στη Βρετανία θα δημοσιεύουν βάσει νόμου τη μισθολογική διαφορά ανάμεσα σε άνδρες και γυναίκες.

Οι νέοι κανόνες επηρεάζουν περίπου 9.000 εταιρείες στη Βρετανία.

Xιλιάδες εταιρείες στη Βρετανία θα ξεκινήσουν, βάσει νέου νόμου, να δημοσιεύουν αναλυτικά τη μισθολογική διαφορά ανάμεσα στους άνδρες και στις γυναίκες. 13 more words