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Today's Bachelor is Yesterday's Diploma

I entered the workforce in the 80’s. Back then, if you wanted a job, you just kind of had to ask. I remember getting advice from my mom like, “You go in and ask for work, not a job.” That was really all the initiative you needed and they’d hire you. 496 more words


How Much Is My Resume Worth?

The best part of learning to code is that I don’t need someone else to give me permission. It is not dependent on getting a certain grade at school, applying to attend a university, waiting until a time that is convenient for them to learn, and then paying course fees that cost more than a new car. 425 more words


Salary Gap: How Much Money Senior Managers Make!

The salary gap between entry-level employees and senior managers has been widening for six straight years reflecting increasing pay disparity. According to a report by global management consultancy Hay Group, senior managers in India are paid nearly 12 times more than entry-level employees. 267 more words


Right-to-work states gained jobs three times faster than forced union states

This is from economist Stephen Moore writing in Investors Business Daily.

He writes:

Wisconsin is poised this week to become the 25th “right-to-work state,” ending forced unionization and allowing individual workers to decide if they want to join a union or not.

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Sometimes you get fired because you deserve it. Other times, because your boss realizes that you work better than him, for less pay.
Oh well. I took the challenge, I passed it. 16 more words

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Work to live or live to work?

Money makes the world go around. Without money I could not do the things I love. I need to pay a hefty £87 each month for my gym membership, another £80 for netball and god knows how much when I go out to see friends. 434 more words