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Anatomy of Payroll Expense

If you have a business, you have payroll expense. Even if you work alone, after all the expenses are paid, you are the payroll expense. Machines and computers may automate, speed and simplify many aspects of work, but a business is still about people. 806 more words

Monday Morning Wake-Up

Stop Complaining That Pro Athletes Make Too Much Money

In 1940, Hank Greenberg of the Detroit Tigers, with a $35,000 per year salary, was the highest paid player in baseball, according to sabr.org.

In 2010, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees held that title when he collected $33 million. 513 more words


Attract Income, Funding, Grants, Sales and even Pay Rises

It’s been almost a decade since I wrote my first ever grant application. It happened because my boss asked me to check what he’d written. Even though I’d never written a grant application before, I said “I wouldn’t give you any money”. 192 more words


Fresh Week

I’ve got salary yesterday and cleared all my debts today. Those debts were for buying a mobile for my sister. As she got engaged I just gave a gift. 91 more words


Which City Worker Is Making Top Dollar In Baltimore?

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Which city workers are taking home the most money? The answer may surprise you. Some first responders are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, many doubling their salaries in overtime. 318 more words


Don't Let a Roadblock Derail Your Raise Negotiation

You’ve done your homework, booked the meeting with your boss and prepared yourself mentally. You’ve made the pitch that you are well deserving of a raise based on your performance, progress toward your goals and value to the organization. 444 more words

Russell Wilson Contract

Big, big news today. Our favorite signal caller, play-action passer, QB rusher, deep-ball threat and all around good guy Russell Wilson tweeted out (at 6:54 a.m. 450 more words