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Is is OK to have no ambitions

In Denmark right now people talk about how awful it is that people who have used years on Universities will not work for the supermarket chain Netto which is a kind of discount chain operating in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland. 309 more words

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Looking For A Job After College

Oh, how soon we discover that college graduation is about far more than the cap and gown, pomp and circumstance or left-sided flip of the tassel. 1,290 more words

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How To Negotiate A Large Raise: A Simple 4-Step Guide

Step 1: Determine the average salary of an individual with your job title and years of experience. Websites like Glassdoor.com and Payscale.com can be invaluable in this respect. 83 more words


Job Description and Salary Outlook for an Acute Care Nurse

Among so many hospital jobs that you can find, it can be said that acute care nursing is one of the most challenging disciplines. In fact, acute care nurse is a front line care position that should perform a wide variety of tasks and must be prepared for diverse situations every day.  255 more words


Free market to blame for unsatisfying salary of STEM careers

The salary, or to say income, of each type of career is decided by economic law. As a free market economic world, the income depends on a basic economic law called “supply-demand balance”. 1,212 more words


The threat of becoming homeless

My fellow-Hippo and I don’t have a huge amount of money, like most people don’t have. I do not consider us poor, but we couldn’t live of our own money. 905 more words

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