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A note to recent graduates: your job search isn’t over once you’re hired.

A study published this morning by NerdWallet and Looksharp underscores how uncommon — but integral — negotiation is for an employee’s first job. 278 more words


The 10 words that can get you a higher salary

Negotiating is intimidating. Talking about money is awkward enough as it is, but add on the element of asking for more money, and it just gets extremely uncomfortable. 563 more words


How to Get a Salary Negotiation Crash Course

I had someone tell me the other day that he was so far along in his career that he “didn’t need to learn anything more about finding a job.” His exact words were “if you don’t know how to land a new job after 20 years of industry experience, then there’s something wrong with you.” 1,317 more words

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Do Married Men Earn More Money?

Curated by CLAI

MARRIED MEN EARN MORE $$$: Men who get married work harder and more strategically, and earn more money than their single peers from similar backgrounds. 307 more words


Nigeria borrows money to pay government salaries

Africa’s richest economy is borrowing money to pay salaries as it struggles through a “difficult cash crunch” brought on by halved oil prices, Nigeria’s finance minister revealed. 283 more words

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AUSTRALIA – Recent Changes to the 457 Visa

The Australian government has recently announced changes to some of the rules of the Subclass 457 Visa, including extended sponsorship periods, a reduced market salary threshold and more flexible English language testing requirements. 20 more words


Former Hawaii governor earns more working in Illinois administration

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s chief operating officer, former Hawaii governor Linda Lingle, will make an annual salary of $198,000, more than she made running the state of Hawaii. 103 more words