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DOL's new Overtime Rules - this 3 minute video from the U.S. DOL is worth your time


This simple presentation provides background as to the ideals behind the recent DOL overtime and salary basis changes.  Changes are effective in December of this year so employers need to look at their job descriptions, look at the hours worked, and engage in some analysis as to their business needs in order to remain complaint with the updated regulations. 58 more words


10 tips for maximizing your salary from a tech recruiter

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Michael Solomon is the founder of 10x Management, a talent agency for best-in-class freelance tech professionals like developers, data scientists, and designers. 577 more words


Change to overtime law to affect millions

The Department of Labor has made changes to the law regarding payment of overtime, and those changes are set to go into effect December 1st, 2016. 1,311 more words


A US veterinary group's salary calculator docks your pay rate for being a woman

Recent female veterinary graduates can expect to make $2,400 less a year than their male counterparts—at least that’s what the statistics show.

The number recently came to light when the American Veterinary Medical Association put it in its starting salary calculator. 259 more words

Negotiate (Renegotiate) Salary Like a Champion

I renegotiated my salary several times since 2014.  I went from 65, to 80, to 95, and then 105 base (at a better company).  That scares many people, but I love it.   300 more words


Update: cost of living on Maui

That the most searched words on this blog are “cost of living” is testimony to the popularity of Civil Beatʻs “Cost of Living” articles and… 707 more words


Just passing through

Older guy walks into the service area on the parkway and asks one of the staff, “do you have a pay phone? My car broke down and I need to call my daughter.” … 177 more words