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So you think you can adult?!

What age should really be classified as the official becoming of age, er, age? 18? 21? 25? It can for damn sure not be 18. I am unclear as to my own reasons for why that is, but for now, that is my verdict. 641 more words

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The Art of Money Getting: E-Book Pages 58-73


  • Use the best tools
    • if you get a good one, it is better to keep him, than keep changing
    • he is worth to you this years more than the last…
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"How much do you earn per month?"

It is the second day I have been home. Here is the southern part of China, winter is not as cold as the north, so we have no heating. 196 more words


The "N" Word: Growing Up

​The “N” word is a huge lesson I learned ​coming out of my last work situation/clinical fellowship. I was straight out of grad school, and very eager to begin working. 547 more words

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The Museum Salary Conundrum & a 21st Century Salary Agenda

Written by Mike Murawski

In recent years, there has certainly been increased awareness and discussion about salaries within the museum profession.  I can speak from my own place within the field of museum education when I say that this has become a very frequent (and more urgent) topic of conversation at conferences, leadership convenings, and professional meetings in recent months.   708 more words