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Comfort zone

I got a call from a cousin recently. Its one of those cousins that you know, calls once every three or four months to show that he cares and shit. 320 more words


To negotiate or not to negotiate

The question of compensation and salary has come up a lot recently, especially since I am in the throes of changing jobs. Everyone talks about money. 852 more words

Frustration at Work

When I started the gift-wrapping job 2 years ago I was excited and at ease. The wage was fine, enough to pay bills and then some. 423 more words


College Coaches' Salaries Increase Despite Threat Of New Tax

WASHINGTON (AP) — A potential new tax on seven-figure salaries for employees of non-profits hasn’t deterred schools from doling out huge contracts to new coaches. 874 more words


2 Job Offers, Slight Dilemma

A Difficult Choice, 4-Day Streak


After two rather unpleasant interviews yesterday – I was surprised at getting two job offers today. The multimedia firm I originally applied to had processed the offer and so did the robotics/AI firm. 442 more words

Job Hunt 101

The Salary Chronicles: How I Negotiated An Extra $10K With One Phone Call

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Welcome to The Salary Chronicles, where we’re bringing transparency to negotiation and salaries, one story at a time. We ask women to share their experiences negotiating their salary and what their advice is for others doing the same. 411 more words

Money Matters

Why you deserve to make so little money

  • Let’s face it, you can easily be replaced. You may think you are really good at your job, and maybe you are, but still, the skill set required to do your job well, is not unique, it’s not even rare, it’s actually rather standard on a planet with billions of people.
  • 843 more words
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