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Tough Day at the Kindergarten

6-year-old student handcuffed, arrested by police in Georgia

Police in Georgia defended their decision to handcuff and arrest a six-year-old elementary student after the school called to report a juvenile had… 273 more words

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Kindergartner Handcuffed At School For Throwing Tantrum Won't Be Charged

ATLANTA (AP) — A kindergartner who threw a tantrum at her small-town Georgia school and taken away in handcuffs will not be charged with a crime because she is too young. 867 more words


6-Year-Old Black Girl Gets Handcuffed For Tantrum

Six-year-old, Salecia Johnson from Georgia was handcuffed and charged with assault after an outburst in her kindergarten class. Yes, you read that correctly. Johnson allegedly pushed two other students and was sent to the principle’s office. 338 more words


Salecia Johnson and the American Police State

To my readers: Sorry for not posting in a while. I haven’t necessarily had that much to post about; although I suppose I could have investigated the Martin case. 298 more words

Six-Year-Old Goes To Jail for Misbehaving

Where are you in this debate?    A six-year old girl was so out of control no one in her school could handle her. The solution: call the police.  61 more words


Ga. Handcuff Case Renews School Policing Debate

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico teacher asked a 13-year-old girl to stop talking with her friend and move to another seat. The girl refused. 971 more words


Six-Year Old Handcuffed For Throwing Tantrum

What would you do if you got a call saying that your child has been suspended for throwing a tantrum? Sound strange? It gets better. The child in question is Salecia Johnson, a 6 year old kindergartner from Georgia who threw a tantrum, shoved some books off the shelves which hurt the principal. 345 more words