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Salem's Lot by Stephen King - An Audiobook Review

Publisher’s Summary: 

Salem’s Lot is a small New England town with the usual quota of gossips, drinkers, weirdos and respectable folk. Of course there are tales of strange happenings – but not more than in any other town its size. 410 more words

Vonnegut, King, Rushdie, and the Art of the Opening Line

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, widely considered a literary classic, starts with a simple sentence:

“All this happened, more or less.”

Isn’t that an amazing first line? 398 more words


A LOT to Really Be Scared Of (My First Stephen King Novel)

I’m going to do it. I’m going to terrify myself again, willingly. I’m going to go back to that place, that time. It was the first time I felt real fear jump off the page and set my heart hammering. 1,025 more words


Reading the King: Salem's Lot

It’s now week eight of fourteen for us at the University of Toronto as this post goes up, and I am very keenly feeling the effects of the upcoming due dates, deadlines, papers, presentations, and the never-ending flood of emails that I need to respond to. 1,113 more words

Reading Challenge

Rocky Rates It: Salem's Lot by Stephen King

I didn’t even buy a pumpkin this Halloween.  Didn’t decorate.  Didn’t wear a costume.  Didn’t have any trick-or-treaters come knocking at my desolate door.  But do you know what I did have this Halloween?   312 more words

Salem's Lot

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Happy Halloween!

Tobe Hooper’s (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Poltergeist) 1979 miniseries, Salem’s Lot, was based on a rather long novel by Stephen King. 945 more words


'Salem's Lot, Stephen King

Ben Mears is a semi-famous writer that confronts two major incidents in his life that have pointed him back to a small town where he spent some of his formative years: Jerusalem’s Lot (‘Salem’s Lot). 482 more words

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