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King Section one (1965-1985): Salem's Lot

Bram Stoker’s influence is strong in Salem’s Lot, King’s first novel dealing with vampires.  The lead character, Ben Mears, shares similarities from Stoker’s ingenue, Jonathan Starker.   483 more words

SALEM'S LOT (1979 United States) Television review

First let me suggest you see the original TV miniseries version if at all possible. The “movie” version(for European theatres) is severely cut. The remaining pieces don’t fit together and leave gaping holes (such as, “what happened to Susan?”) Now you know which dvd to buy, if you were tossing up, lets move on. 471 more words


Stephen King Book Club: 'Salem's Lot

“‘Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King

What’s it about? You can read the full synopsis here. A small town in Maine is overcome by a dark force. 436 more words

Stephen King

Favorite Fictional Characters

The characters in our favorite books are, to some of us, fully realized people. We welcome them in, find out their habits and hangups, and dance around them while we try to understand them. 1,839 more words

Living Conditions

Chris--Night Shift wrap up

It’s a good thing that this isn’t a paying job, or I probably would have been fired by now…  Anyway, I finished up Night Shift… 754 more words

April Horror Book Club -- Evil Creeps into Town

Writer Ben Mears has returned to his home town of Jerusalem’s Lot. As a child, he had a traumatic experience in the Marsten house, an old abandoned house that has long since been the subject of rumors and fear. 126 more words


The Babadook (2014) - not really a review, but nearly a rant.

The first Australian movie I recall watching was Mad Max (1979). I thought it was bleak and I thought it was bloody good. Since then, I have been a fan of Aussie cinema. 640 more words