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The 7 Deadly Sins of Product Demos

My newest post on Medium covers what you may consider the seven deadly sins of product demos. We have all seen how online demos for B2B SaaS products can become terrible hour-long sessions that don’t lead to any interesting conclusion and it might be time to re-evaluate how your own sales reps are handling their own demos. 24 more words

StoryPad – Stunning Sales Presentation Tool

Do you give a lots of sales presentation? Are you tired of handing out brochures or carrying your laptop in arm trying to convince someone to buy your product? 300 more words

Predictive Analytics | An Overview

It has happened to all of us: a perfectly timed ad, email or recommendation that captures your attention. Typically, that kind of outreach leads to you to open multiple browser tabs and begin comparisons of features and pricing, resulting in a purchase, not to mention unintended items in your cart. 618 more words

Marketing Thoughts

Social Selling Benefits

Sales Research company CSO Insights and Seismic, a sales enablement vendor, asked 400 global B2B professionals about the benefits of social selling tools.  These tools include sales enablement, social listening, and social marketing solutions.  638 more words

Sales Intelligence

All Purchase Decisions Are Made By People

According to a paper by Gavin Finn, president & CEO of Kaon Interactive, posted by Chief Marketer, B2C and B2B marketers must look at both the macro and micro forces that are shaping the behavior of their audiences, along with the increasingly rapid pace of technological change. 569 more words


Has Digital Marketing delivered on the promise of new revenue growth and increased ROI in Business Marketing?

Without much ado the answer is “minimally”. Digital marketing, by itself, does not drive new revenue. Improvements are in process execution and awareness.

Digital marketing makes sense in broad-reaching marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, that touch a large volume of prospective customers, not measurable in ROI terms. 309 more words

Steps to becoming your own Sales Manager with Activity-Based Selling

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In order for Sales Reps to be successful in sales, they need to think like a Sales Manager. To be able to do this they need to be able to track their own numbers and activities in the Sales pipeline. 974 more words