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How Much Money Have You Lost Today by Prospecting Poor Quality Leads?

Too much!!!!

  • Plus – how much money could you have made if you had dumped all the rubbish records in your sales database – got rid of all the time wasters?
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Get More ROI from Sales Training: Overcome Reps’ Resistance to Change

Once upon a time, a savvy sales leader hired a sales training organization to improve his team’s sales performance. His reps learned all the newest sales methods available, and they were all convinced they’d knock their sales quotas straight out of the park for years and year to come. 570 more words

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The 6 Traits Sales Leaders Need for Success

Organizations need good management — no argument there. But high-performing sales teams are not a result of mere management. They are fueled by transformational leadership. 593 more words

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When Stepping in Does More Harm Than Good as a Sales Manager

Written by David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson

As a sales leader, what’s your first impulse when you see a member of your sales team in trouble? 646 more words

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Video Blog: How Verifiable Outcomes Can Change Conversations

The use of verifiable outcomes can change the very nature of conversations between first line sales managers and their sales professionals. More than talking about a range of activities and lagging indicators of success, they can now focus on the few specific outcomes that are important in the sales process. 51 more words

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The Coaching Controversy Part II: Is ‘When’ more important than ‘How’?

Five Key Principles for Knowing When to Coach, by Matt McDarby, Founder & President of United Sales Resources LLC

Like a rising tide that lifts all boats, an effective sales manager can intentionally lift the performance of an entire sales team by focusing on a few fundamentals of great sales management.  1,629 more words

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The Coaching Controversy Part I: Rock Stars or Steady Eddies?

Should Sales Managers try and coach all of their sales reps?

Despite the temptation to continue on with the subject of dominant personality traits and sales performance, which continues to divide the masses via business social media such as Linked In ( 1,200 more words

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