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Selling to Senior Executives Once You Get Your Foot in the Door

By Dianna Booher, CEO, Booher Consultants

The CEO will see you. So what do you say? The following suggestions will help structure a discussion that warrants the VIP’s attention and sets the stage for action. 1,492 more words

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5 things you need to know about me if you read my blog

1. I write for business people looking for tips in sales, business, motivation, inspiration, social media, generational trends, communicating with the opposite gender, success, achievement, time management, productivity or anything else that may help you become better at what you do. 143 more words


Sales Techniques

Every sales professional should have a reference library on effective selling techniques. There are lots of sales trainers who dispel “sales wisdom” which in reality does not help the sales person improve their sales close rates. 934 more words

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Using High-Tech Software to Create High-Touch Relationships

By Dr. Tony Alessandra, President, Online Assessments

When Scott and I were first introduced, he was just starting his process of trying to match marketing messages to behavioral styles. 1,039 more words

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Switched-On Selling: Balancing Your Selling Brain

By Dr Jerry V. Teplitz, President, Jerry Teplitz Enterprises, Inc.

You are about to make some cold calls. As you reach for the phone, you glance at your desk, and quickly decide to clean it first. 1,749 more words

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Satisfaction is Key, Especially when Leveraging Channels

By Diane Krakora, Principal, Amazon Consulting

At the core of every repeat sale, product upgrade, or word-of-mouth referral is a satisfied customer, the ultimate driver of most successful business ventures. 1,616 more words

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