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SO busy. Dropping in just doesn’t work any more

It’s gotten to the point where less and less frequently I call someone without arranging it beforehand. Do you schedule your calls with clients and prospects too? 620 more words

Living In The World Today

How to Succeed in the Competitive Real Estate Field

How to Succeed in the Competitive Real Estate Field, a guide by Luther Ragsdale

Succeeding in the competitive real estate field can be a long and complex process, and if you don’t have a detailed systematic approach, you better prepare yourself for a bumpy road. 325 more words

Luther Ragsdale

Don't Breathe on My Coffee Cup

I often return to the businessballs.com encyclopedia of content to refresh skills or find something new to implement in to my business world. Being that the great majority of my experience comes from the world of call centers the site used to be almost a daily hang out for me for resources on how to encourage teamwork and improve in my own skill set and personal grown. 653 more words

Tub King

Creating the Opportunity 

In order to get sales, you have to have to have customers. People ask me all the time, where do you find customers looking for what you’re selling. 359 more words

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Best Books for Learning to Sell and Understand the Customer Better

Having good salespeople is crucial for any business to succeed. While there are certain sales methods to learn and employ each time a potential customer arrives, driving a sale to its finish requires knowing and speaking to the customer’s needs and wants. 393 more words

Customer Interaction

The Land of Topsy Turvy

Can I stand on my head?

Can I walk on my hands (not underwater to which the answer would be yes) but on dry land? 691 more words


What is something worth?

One of my favorite concepts has always been that we have no intrinsic value for anything and we assign value comparative to what we know. 200 more words