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My best ever sales technique

At the Retail Teacher we believe that if you apply a few new tools and techniques you can transform your retail business. Watch this video to learn one of my most effective sales techniques. 13 more words


Improving Your Sales Management Processs

By Mitchell Goozé, President and Founder, Customer Manufacturing Group

Are you still forecasting sales the way you have been for years? Are your forecasts any more accurate than they ever have been? 1,511 more words

Sales Technique

15 Powerful Open-Ended Sales Questions That Win

By Mike Schultz, Principal, Wellesley Hills Group

Following are fifteen open-ended sales questions you can ask that will help you get the full picture of your clients’ situations and needs. 490 more words

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Knowing Your Buyers’ Key Questions is Key to Great Sales

By Michael Cannon, Founder and CEO, Silver Bullet Group, Inc.

Most sales and marketing executives and their teams don’t know their buyers’ key buying questions. That’s why survey data indicate that Sales considers over 50% of the collateral created by Marketing to be useless. 675 more words

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Want to Win the Procurement Game? Stop Playing It - The Five New Selling Rules that Defeat Commoditization

By Mark Shonka & Dan Kosch, Co-Presidents, IMPAX Corporation

The rise of procurement has hit business-to-business selling hard, but its sting has been felt fastest and most painfully in the software sales industry. 1,432 more words

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Nurturing Sales Leads: Are You Quitting Before You Reach the Finish Line?

By M. H. ‘Mac’ McIntosh, Sales Expert, CBC

While salespeople race to close sales from the most qualified short-term prospects, nearly three-quarters of the leads that convert into sales are ignored. 628 more words

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Top 10 Tips to Stay in Control When Your Market Feels Out of Control

By Paul Cherry, President, Performance Based Results 

When the economy seems unstable, businesspeople can feel shaky. Hysteria sets in, sending sales people, managers and CEOs running for cover, making panic moves that cause more problems than they solve. 1,193 more words

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