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How to Make Sales Leaderboards More Fun

A sales leaderboard is a fantastic way to increase interest in a commission-based job. When your RV dealership hits a plateau, this gamification technique can ignite a fire in your employees. 348 more words

Sales Techniques

Who is the Professional?

I went on a listing appointment last week.  I had literally 3 major sales analyses and my own analysis of the property.  It took me over an hour to explain the whys and wheres of what, why and how in reference to the property and concluded with a sales range.   284 more words

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Asking the question

‘Who, how, what, why, where, when?’…

There was a time when I worked as a national sales manager for a major company. I had been employed as their transport manager, running the fleet of lorries and coordinating the  complex delivery of portable buildings and unusual cargoes. 1,112 more words


How Do You Convince A Customer To Buy From You Instead Of Your Competition?

To convince a customer to buy from you instead of from someone else, you offer them something of value that your competition does not offer. This is one of the hardest tasks many business owners face. 90 more words


The 1 Question Sales Rep Interview

If everyone knows we are selling ourselves all the time, why are sales professionals not demonstrating their sales strategy and techniques during interviews? Perhaps we are not giving them the opportunity by continuing to ask them a series of traditional recruitment interview questions! 533 more words


Fear of Loss and Urgency, Your Guide to Selling Stuff

Fear of Loss, Urgency, Jones Effect, and Indifference. There are the keys to shifting the tides of any sales situation and allow you to take control. 458 more words


5 Ways to Nurture Business Relationships

Building a strong business includes building strong relationships with other enterprises. How you nurture these relationships can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Here are five simple ways to nurture your business relationships. 392 more words

Sales Techniques