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Sales, Customer Service or Simple Expectations?

One of my biggest bug bears in life are people who don’t get back to me. Now I know people are very busy, but if I am trying to buy goods or services off them should they not be making me… 425 more words

Sales Techniques

The Fine Line Between Persistence - And Stalking!

By Colleen Francis, President And Founder, Engage Selling Solutions

Let’s go back to the science of sales, and dissect a typical opening call that I hear 80% of the time when I’m coaching sales people: 915 more words

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Everything old is new again!

It’s raining today and that got me thinking back to the time when we used to market our listings and ourselves the old fashioned way… 222 more words


Fear: Friend or Foe

By Chuck Mache, President, Chuck Mache Communications

How many times have you heard comments like this about someone in business, “He is fearless.” Or, “She has no fear.” I don’t believe anyone is absolutely fearless. 783 more words

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Get the "not looking" to "look" - Building your sales pipeline

By Bernard M. Aller, Certified Affiliate, CustomerCentric Selling

I’m often asked “What can be done immediately to add new opportunities to the sales pipeline?” While the logical answer may be to spend more time on effective business development activities, that generic response provides little guidance on specific activities. 1,203 more words

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7 Sales Strategy Principles for Underdog Software Sales Reps

By Steve Martin, Author, “Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom”

The annals of military history are full of examples where underdog armies vanquished superior arch-rivals. Outnumbered two to one, Hanibal Barca and his Carthaginian army defeated the powerful Roman army at the battle of Cannae in 215 BC. 1,023 more words

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"Hey - It’s Not About You!" - The Power of Solution Development

By Bernard M. Aller, Certified Affiliate, CustomerCentric Selling

If you want to have some fun, try this powerful exercise. Think of the person who, in the entire world, loves you the most … the one person who sees none of your faults and whose love for you is unconditional. 1,685 more words

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