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Sales Intuition: Does It Work for You

By Steve Martin, Author, “Heavy Hitter Selling”

All salespeople remember the highlights of their sales calls. They can easily recall who they met with and whether the meeting was fruitful or a bust. 1,779 more words

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How to Differentiate Yourself in a Flat Market

By Sharon Drew Morgen, Founder, Morgen Facilitations, Inc.

Ok. You have a good product… a very good product. It’s different from anything else out there. Better technology, better branding, better packaging, and great marketing. 1,617 more words

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Follow-up versus Follow-through

By Scott Zimmerman and Dr. Tony Alessandra, Partners in The Platinum Rule Group & The Cyrano Group

What is your ‘follow-up reputation’ in your business? Is it ‘always and promptly?’ Or, is it ‘usually fairly timely?’ Or, could it be ‘doubtful it will get done?’ The highest performers keep their promises and exceed the expectations of their prospects and clients. 1,738 more words

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Win Deals, Not Conversations

By Steve Kraner, TopLine Solutions, Inc.

In Days of Old
A woman sat with two contenders for the seat of Prime Minister in Victorian England, on consecutive evenings. 878 more words

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Selling to the Mature Generation

How do you sell and communicate to a market with multiple generations?

Today is the first time in U.S. history that we have four completely different generations all working together in the exact same workforce. 226 more words

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Don't Talk Yourself Out of the Sale

By Roy Chitwood, President, Max Sacks International

There are surprisingly few people in selling today who are truly adept at knowing how and when to ask their prospects for the order. 1,003 more words

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