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What is something worth?

One of my favorite concepts has always been that we have no intrinsic value for anything and we assign value comparative to what we know. 200 more words


Know The Difference: Hard Selling Vs. Soft Selling

When people sell a service or product, they can choose to use hard or soft selling methods. Either of the techniques can work if done at the right moment or selling opportunity. 219 more words

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Winning Salesman sells himself first

It was a pleasant Sunday evening when a sales guy knocked the door for a demo. Being a holiday it was irritating to see the sales guy in spite of myself being in the field.   291 more words

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Pampering Your Clients: Nail Bar & Spa Draws Customers With Personalized Services

Pink Toes Nail Bar and Spa provides a unique take on what one might consider a luxury, non-necessity service.  In providing an interesting twist to the idea of pampering, Pink Toes Nail Bar and Spa offers corporate clients an oasis. 404 more words

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You're late

“You are either early or you are late” -unknown

Whenever I have appointments in clients, I arrive so early that some doctors would call it premature.

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Price Defense Technique: Aikido

So, we know (from article: “It is too expensive – Why are afraid of this?”)that the objection is the “clients ready purchase” symptom. It is only a dissonance which is created when two pieces of information cause the conflicting emotions. 742 more words

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What Makes Following Up With Leads So Tricky?

Following up with leads is a task many managers dread. Many think of a “follow-up” as a one-time occurrence – you speak to someone about an offer, you wait a few days, and then you follow up with a call or email. 418 more words

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