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One Egg or Two - The Alternative Choice Close aka The Wheeler Which

In 1934 Walgreens Drugstores opened it’s first 4,000 square feet “super store” in Tampa, Florida. At the time, 4,000 square feet was huge … double the size of the average Walgreens store. 618 more words

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Make an IMPACT!

By Gerry Layo, Chief Energizing Officer, Sales Coach International

One of the main areas that I have found myself coaching salespeople the past few months is IMPACT. 1,056 more words

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Secrets of Seductive Selling

By John Santangelo, Speaker and Author, “Manifesting Abundance”

Have you ever been in an… intimate relationship? Yes, INTIMATE! And, “How do you know?”

I know, strange question and what does this have to do with sales anyway? 2,097 more words

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Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Your Sales Process

By Keith Rosen, Founder, Profit Builders LLC

When was the last time your collateral materials closed a sale for you? Best selling author and Executive Sales Coach Keith Rosen shares the pitfalls and consequences of relying too heavily on your website, emails, and marketing brochures as a crutch when selling. 1,428 more words

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Selling Techniques

In sales, for selling techniques to work effectively there needs to be clarity in both the actual sales role and in the process of selling. Successful selling is about always having a clear objective based on where we are in the sales process. 1,003 more words

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Introducing New Products Effectively: The Solution Expert vs. The Problem Expert

By Kevin Temple, President of ValueVision Associates

In a recent study, 47% of responding companies’ say they will rise to the challenge of the current economy by introducing new products to generate additional incomeàare you ready to sell them? 387 more words

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