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3 Essential Sales Training Topics To Cover In Your Next Session!

The changing world of sales

A company’s sales force is its most prized and valuable asset. This is the team that goes out every day (or works the phones) and busts their gut to bring in new customers and increase business profits. 726 more words


Attitude and Self Improvement

“Attitude is Everything” sounds cliché but it’s true.  Think about it..  Suppose your neighbor is always in a bad mood, what kind of relationship do you think you’ll have with him?  641 more words

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Sales Training Ideas 

Source: Sales Training Ideas – Sales Training Company – The Bitter Business

Looking for some sales training ideas to boost salesperson engagement? Here are some sales training ideas to give you some food for thought on what information to impart on a sales training course. 1,332 more words


What is cold calling 2.0 and how is it helpful in B2B Sales

Before explaining what cold calling 2.0 is, it is important to define what it is not. As ironical as it sounds, Cold calling 2.0 does not involve cold calling. 809 more words


Why Salespeople Don't Listen - #sales #salestraining

I can’t tell you how many times I have said that an article, book, seminar, webinar, or conversation… needs drama. I typically get a laugh which isn’t what I am really going for. 591 more words

Sales - Selling Process

The power of vision

When I was in my early 20’s a young mom of two kids working full time I first heard the idea of a vision board. I sat down one evening after the kids were in bed and took out magazines and began clipping out pictures of everything I needed and wanted to achieve. 274 more words