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Chris Croft on Udemy, a nice opportunity to push your financial education

Hey there, SkillMiner is online and today I have some really exciting things to share with you. I’ve got my first experience with udemy courses and they turned out to be brilliant. 553 more words


Pelatihan Sales Skills yang tepat untuk usaha anda

Sebagian besar institusi pelatihan sales skills masih mengajarkan cara lama yang berorientasi pada hard-selling, baik di lingkungan Consumer Sales (B2C), maupun Enterprise Sales (B2B). 772 more words


Do you agree with my sales figures?

After 25 years of selling internationally, I have concluded that most salespeople only sell for 3 hours per week.

Work Hours 40hrs
Travel to customers (3hrs per day) 15hrs 37.5% 91 more words


How to Move from Goal to Reality

How to Move Goal to Reality

I have a wedding to attend in September and need to lose at least 20 pounds over the next few months. 1,123 more words

It's Emotional

We have been told decisions are made based on logic. But maybe we have been wired to make snap decisions such as love at first sight, trusting someone at first glance, or having that gut feeling. 506 more words

Sales and Doubt in Real Estate | DFW Realtor

If you are drawn to Sales there is a good chance you suffer the most from the inescapable spectrum of feeling like a rock star and then feeling like the roadie. 1,106 more words

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VIDEO: Tuesday Truths – Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve

Last week on Tuesday Truths I spoke about how training is irrevocably broken. This week, let’s talk about why it’s broken.

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