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3 Pillars To Successful Selling - Part 1 of 3

Hello TSM’ers!

I hope you are all CRUSHING your month and exceeding your goals you committed to! So today, I release part 1 of a 3 part video series called… 45 more words

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3 Part Video Series--Check it out!

Hello TSM’ers! I hope you are in ‘Pile It On’ Time right now and crushing your months. If not at your goal yet or in upper bonus levels, relax, let it go and just remember to CONNECT with your peeps! 40 more words

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The German way of selling

The German way of selling.

I do work for some years now for US companies in international technology business. I learnt so much about how the American way of selling works and I am still impressed about the approach . 720 more words

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My Advice On How To Become The Best Sales Rep--Tips & Strategies You Can Implement Daily

Hello TSM’ers! So, I shot this video based on a request from someone on our TSM Facebook Fan Page who asked a great question…His question was “what advice would I give to someone that would make the most impact on their careers?” What I like about this question is that it really does apply to any sales position out there and I give you a few strategies on things that I did to help me on a daily basis. 62 more words

Timeshare Training

sales training workshop

Apart from that, people who square measure unable to go to any coaching center, then no ought to worry. you’ll be the a part of the workshop or seminars via on-line. 111 more words

Secrets of Closing the Sale | Ziglar

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Certified Ziglar Legacy

Developing your USP

A unique selling proposition is a factor that differentiates a product/service from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality or the first-ever product of its kind or something that solves something unique. 201 more words