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Coming Full Circle

Most of my posts are centered around (what I feel is) humor mixed into goofy gifs and pictures. This one will be a bit more serious. 672 more words

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Welcome to Resco’s Community devoted to Salesforce

Hello Salesforce enthusiast!

We are officially welcoming you to our thriving community that is all about Offline Mobility for Salesforce. We’ve even created a special monthly newsletter on the topic to indulge in the needs and wants of the Salesforce community! 484 more words

Resco Mobile CRM

Georgia on my mind

I grew up in the peach state, various towns and cities at different times, only vaguely aware that people lived in other states. It’s weird how that happens. 450 more words

Salesforce Community Basics

1 Salesforce Community Basics

1.1 Salesforce Community Cloud

1.1.1 So You’ve Decided to Set Up a Community

What’s a community? Who knows. But we do know what it comprises: 225 more words


Salesforce Communities

Communities are branded online spaces in which employees, customers and partner can engage with one another. Organization can create branded public or private communities that connect members directly with each others with relevant data and business processes. 1,435 more words




I got home a little after midnight, throat sore and super stuffy, but none of that mattered because *DREAMFORCE*.

As some of you know,  591 more words

I did a thing: Becoming a Salesforce Admin Story

This is kind of awkward for me, which is weird because I’ve acted and spoken publicly, and I don’t get really bad stage fright. This feels different, though. 697 more words