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Midwest Dreamin' 2016

This was my second time attending this community event. What a week.


I am the person who arrives too early. I just do. It’s bad. 471 more words

What are the 5 Stages to Grow Sales with Partner Strategy?

Companies selling their products or services need to be smart when choosing vendors and implementing strategies to avoid poor sales. A Company’s overall sales strategy depends on a good channel sales strategy. 373 more words

Salesforce Community Builder

Leaving Chicago, and I'm Thinking...

We are officially less than a month away from Midwest Dreamin’. Less than a month. You should be excited. If you are in the Midwest. 755 more words

Around the World

Maybe the coolest thing for me, living in West Michigan, is knowing that Anthony Keidis grew up in Grand Rapids, at least for a while. 377 more words

West Michigan Women in Tech

February 25th marked the inaugural West Michigan Women in Tech User Group meeting.

The first meeting for the West Michigan WIT User Group was snowed out – fitting for where we live. 598 more words

Impromptu Salesforce Kool-Aid Post!

I’ve never been a joiner, ladies and gentlemen. I avoided pep rallies during high school. I avoided social clubs during college. During Institute at TFA, I declined any and all of the even remotely voluntary events (and some that were not so voluntary). 349 more words

En-Lightning Salesforce Communities Templates


In my last post, I shared my experience on how to start creating Communities in Salesforce along with some critical points that needs to be considered for any Community implementation. 581 more words