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Voodoo vs. Science & Sales Selection Woe or Success

I just finished another ridiculous article on what traits distinguish the difference between the top and bottom 10% of all salespeople.  I absolutely hate these kinds of articles.  524 more words

Sales Force Development

Understanding The New Overtime Rules-New Overtime Rules for Salespeople

We’ve all heard the buzz encircling the new rules when it comes to overtime and salespeople. However, many of us are left with a variety of unanswered questions regarding all the details. 659 more words


What Makes Great Salespeople

(Source: hbr.org)

What behaviors drive successful salespeople? Last year, research by my people analytics company VoloMetrix identified three things that were highly correlated with top performing reps: More time spent with customers; larger internal networks; and more time spent with managers and senior leadership. 1,574 more words


The Best Salespeople Do What the Best Brands Do

(Source: hbr.org)

It’s not news that the role of salespeople and selling is changing.  In the past, salespeople were often the first step in a purchase process, and could significantly influence customer decision-making by controlling information about pricing, availability, competitive advantage, etc. 1,115 more words


My Salesman Dilemma

At each entrance to my neighborhood there are signs posted declaring, “No Soliciting Allowed!”

Of course, we all know those signs become invisible to salespeople. Maybe they don’t know what the word soliciting means, or maybe they think their product isn’t considered a soliciting product. 725 more words


The ABC's of Successfully Prospecting Enterprise Clients.

Selling to corporate customers is more manageable than you’d think.

For salespeople, a single enterprise account can shift the tide from a bad quarter to a really good one. 828 more words


People.ai is using machine learning to rewrite the sales ops playbook @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

People.ai, a company bringing machine learning algorithms to sales operations, is emerging from stealth. The platform uses machine learning tech to give sales reps what it calls a predictive playbook on how to close deals based on past success.

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