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ESPN's Mike & Mike, Coach Bill Curry and the Importance of Huddles in Sales

Famous college football coach and former two-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Curry was one of the guests on Mike & Mike’s final show on ESPN last Friday.  513 more words

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How to Reduce the Costs of Salesperson Turnover

(Source: hbr.org)

Even the best companies lose sales reps to competitors. To minimize the negative consequences on customers and the company, firms should use specific techniques to identify the withdrawal period (when a salesperson may be distracted while looking for another job), the vacancy period (when the job is empty as the company attempts to hire a replacement), and the hiring/orientation period (when a new rep is getting up to speed.) Companies can also take defensive steps to minimize one saleperson’s control of a customer, decreasing the odds the client will consider his options when his trusted rep departs. 911 more words

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Are Sales Incentives Becoming Obsolete?

(Source: hbr.org)

Companies have traditionally paid salespeople incentives for hitting goals or quotas, but such systems rely on two things: That salespeople have real impact over sales, and that companies be able to measure that impact directly. 853 more words

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3 Awesome CRM Platforms for Salespeople

Collecting and managing leads, prospects, and customers is a very important function of any sales organization big or small. One needs a contact management apparatus built to address the unique needs of sales and marketing folks.

5 Key Behaviors of Rockstar Salespeople

Not everyone starts out as a Rockstar, but it is easy to get them there. There are 5 key behaviors to look for in Sales Rockstars: 475 more words


no, you don't

i think one of the most obvious red flags that a salesperson is totally bullshitting you is when they tell you they actually own one of the very item they are trying to sell you, and that they love it. 554 more words