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7 Reasons a Strong Sales Team is the Most Important Investment You Will Make

The jokes and ribbings are endless.  When someone mentions they are in sales, our first response is usually something like “Ahh…so you’re a corporate golfer, eh?” or “Oh, man! 1,020 more words

Small Business

Embracing Conflict is a Natural Part of Sales – Part 2

I was on a teleconference yesterday talking with the COO of a $90 million dollar company.  This particular company buys an amount equal to the total sales of my client.   383 more words

Sales Process

A Game of Thrones Metaphor to Help You Motivate Salespeople

If you manage or work with a sales team, you’re probably familiar with the 20-60-20 theory: the idea that sales employees can be sorted into negative laggards (20%), average performers (60%) and star performers (20%). 44 more words

Sales Gold: Converting Want Into Demand, Part I

If you discover a need (and surely you must), you have improved your chances for a sale. But the real gold is having discovered a need that the client did not previously know he had—and that creates demand. 78 more words

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Embracing Conflict is a Natural Part of Sales - Part 1

Twenty- five years ago I was going door to door working for a consumer protection organization in Boston. Every day we would meet about 3 pm go over a little training and then walk the neighborhoods in and around Boston from 5-9pm. 330 more words

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Why Salespeople Don't Understand Social Selling

I know there is a very tiresome debate going on about cold calling vs. social selling or inbound vs outbound. Saying that connecting with 5 people a day out of 300 dials is great and better than nothing. 819 more words

I Hate Math and So Do Your Kids - A Conversation

“I actually have a business. I buy things at Ikea and then stand outside of the supermarket and sell them.”

“Why Ikea?”

“Because its far away from everyone and its not easy for them to get there. 438 more words