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I’ve squeezed a heck of a lot of activities, driving and flying in the span of a two or three-day weekend. My good friend Sean Nickley (of a… 1,828 more words


9 Ways To Connect With Influencers In Your Niche

Connecting with influencers is the most talked about topic in today’s online marketing cacophony. Small business owners, solopreneurs, sales and marketing professionals are constantly working harder and harder to make their voice not just heard but remembered – especially when the online marketing ecosystem is shaking things up in the realm of creating and curating valuable, impactful, and actionable content. 644 more words


Welcome to Adulthood!

By the way, there’s someone going to come over tomorrow to show you some knives. 

That is what I heard  when I walked in the door last night after another fun day at work.  

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Family & Other Strange Creatures

The Earrings

I took the subway and spent the day wandering around the city, having a slice of pizza here, a coffee there. Buying a new pair of shoes here, a new mascara and a bar of chocolate there. 1,088 more words

Nancy Wait

What It’s Like To Have Full Blown Acne

You avoid the mirror like it is Laura Oyier approaching you at some fancy restaurant, especially the ones (mirrors) at local fast food joints because for some reason, they seem to reflect a zoomed in version of you and then magnify every single blemish X100. 1,249 more words



I often ask my friends blatantly, “Why work in sales?”

I look at salespeople as annoying, exhausting, money-hungry, and pushy individuals. They just won’t take ‘no’ for an answer! 476 more words


Thank You Mr. Vic

When my daughter MacKenzie says her prayers at night, I let her free flow-whoever and whatever she wants to pray for, I let her roll. One night as she was praying, she prayed for a name that I’d never heard before-his name was “Mr. 1,189 more words