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3 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Unmotivated sales teams underperform, and motivated teams go above and beyond, excelling in what they’re there to do; sell.

It’s no secret that unenthusiastic or unmotivated salespeople can be the Achilles heel of any business. 597 more words


Most People Are Out To Get You

Bing Crosby uttered the famous phrase, “Everybody’s got an angle” in the movie, “White Christmas” and it’s true for the most part.

Everyone is out to protect themselves and if they can, they will take money or something else from you whether that’s done consciously or unconsciously. 2,106 more words


Increase your sales by reading The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling by Mark Holmes.

The 5 Rules of Megavalue Selling: How to Communicate Customer Value and Differentiate from Competitors

Why are salespeople struggling to differentiate from competitors and communicate customer value?

753 more words
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4 easy ways to fight back against online stores

Online competitors can be a difficult hurdle for many brick and mortar stores, but we can all agree that the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 894 more words


Skills Successful Salespeople Have

Good sales people are a company’s best asset, but a good salesperson needs to know more than sales tactics.

The most important skill is customer service. 332 more words

Wine And Retail Business

The Mother-In-Law Dress

“I need a mother-in-law dress,” I informed the saleslady at the fancy bridal salon.

“You mean a mother-of-the groom dress?” she frowned.


She quickly and deftly passed me off to a younger colleague while smiling over my shoulder at a new bride that had just entered the store. 661 more words


It's All In The Details

When Kevin was three years old and attending preschool he was a die-hard Toy Story fan. I mean, he watched Toy Story over and over again, owned all of the action figures and talked about it incessantly. 748 more words