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Promoters in Hong Kong - A Photo Story

Hong Kong is a crowded city. That is a well-established fact. But across the city, one type of people stands out among everyone else.

Armed with handheld billboards or portable roll-up banners, streetside promoters are literally everywhere. 40 more words

Hong Kong

Can Your Sales Team Actually Achieve Their Stretch Goals?

(Source: hbr.org)

Sales leaders have a deep-seated belief in using stretch goals to challenge a sales force. Stretch goals are correctly credited with guiding effort, promoting innovative thinking, energizing salespeople, and boosting persistence. 792 more words


Latest Revealing Stats on the Future of the Sales Force

We just received the latest statistics from OMG, our sales force assessment partner for the past 21 years, on the data collected from over 1,000,000 salespeople from 11,000 companies they have evaluated during that time.  584 more words

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Do your own research!

Shopping for makeup and skin care can be like shopping for a car.  You can run into a salesperson who is genuinely knowledgeable and will be truthful with you about the product.   480 more words

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A Beginner’s Guide To Surviving The Sales Industry

Many people who enter the world of sales do not last a year in the industry. There are a lot of people who show much potential, but they eventually leave. 232 more words

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The Slump

The Dreaded Slump

                  (according to Webster’s dictionary)

Slump: proceeding unevenly.

What does proceeding unevenly mean? It means you must be jumping around during your presentation. It tells you, you are not presenting in a smooth and flowing manner. 363 more words


On Booksellers

I’ve had a couple of experiences this week which I feel needed an airing.

Firstly, someone I know a little phoned me and asked to interview me around the topic of booksellers and how they relate to libraries and whether there was ground for a developing relationship, and a bunch of questions on were we able to find what we wanted in bookshops and a heap of other really interesting and good to make you ponder questions.   838 more words

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