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How to create collateral that communicate trust.

Today we will briefly expound on four methods that can be applied to the creation of collateral which communicate trust. Budding entrepreneurs can use these to signal their credibility. 444 more words


Americans Hanging Onto Cars Longer

Good news for the public on durability of a major purchase: 79 more words


With $1M In Funding, VC Database CB Insights Launches A Data Tool For Salespeople

Many of you probably know CB Insights as the venture capital database that puts out reports about trends like the on-demand economy and compiles lists of unicorn startups… 453 more words


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"...CB Insights has grown to millions in annual revenue over the past five years and signed up more than 300 customers that use its analytics platform to source deals, analyze competition, and build reports..." - original author

Industry News: Using Kickstarter to Crowdfund Your Work

Crowdfunding is such a new idea that even WordPress hasn’t acknowledged that it’s one word (trust me, I checked on Google). But, it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to promote your book and raise money to help you finish it or self-publish it. 281 more words

How to Build Your Sales Pipeline

Many salespeople and home business owners never build a sales pipeline that delivers the results needed to become successful. In this post, you discover a few guidelines for building a successful sales pipeline. 151 more words

Selling is NOT Easy

Jika ada orang yang mengatakan kepada Anda bahwa menjual itu mudah, mungkin sebenarnya is sedang berkata bahwa menjual itu sangat sulit, tapi jika Anda bersedia untuk melatih sikap sebagai penjual konsultatif, menguasai pengetahuan produk/jasa dan mempelajari… 478 more words


Fafard Is Hiring!

Fafard Real Estate is seeking experienced Real Estate personnel. 

  1. Experienced Real Estate Secretary – administrative assistant for our new office located in Ashland on Chestnut Street.
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