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The Slump

The Dreaded Slump

                  (according to Webster’s dictionary)

Slump: proceeding unevenly.

What does proceeding unevenly mean? It means you must be jumping around during your presentation. It tells you, you are not presenting in a smooth and flowing manner. 363 more words


On Booksellers

I’ve had a couple of experiences this week which I feel needed an airing.

Firstly, someone I know a little phoned me and asked to interview me around the topic of booksellers and how they relate to libraries and whether there was ground for a developing relationship, and a bunch of questions on were we able to find what we wanted in bookshops and a heap of other really interesting and good to make you ponder questions.   838 more words

Secondary School

Again Doorbell

warmer days –
at the door


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Great Salespeople Are Born, but Great Sales Forces Are Made

(Source: hbr.org)

In sales, where charisma and extroversion can be advantages, some people attribute success more to inborn personality traits than to skills that can be coached or taught. 916 more words


I Need To Think About It

How many times in your career have you heard a client say this after you have presented your product or service to them? This happens in any industry, some more than others but there are ways to overcome this objection and also to minimize the amount of times you hear this on a sales call. 675 more words

Brandon Kuramoto

The Calendar Close

A calendar close is delivering the perception that your time is very valuable and that you are offering a product or service that’s in-demand. Business owners want to meet with sales professionals that everyone else wants to meet with. 484 more words

Brandon Kuramoto

If You Want Change...Change The Want

It’s human nature to want and wanting is okay. I remember when I was 13, my life was consumed with skating (skateboarding.) Everyone had the newest Powell & Peralta board but those things weren’t cheap. 611 more words

Brandon Kuramoto