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Stop Selling. Start Helping.

It’s not always about making the sale, but being a trusted advisor. As Zig Zigler put it, “Stop selling. Start helping.” As a young professional and consumer, I think it’s important to understand this message especially since more businesses, marketers, and salespeople are adopting this perspective. 10 more words


Why Do Salespeople Fail? (When They Do)

Why do Salespeople Fail? (When They Do)

If you’ve been around any companies with sales forces, perhaps even have been a part of those sales forces, and you watched a rapid turnover of sales personnel in more than one of them, you are not alone. 424 more words

How To Sell Better

A-B-C Sales - More A and Less C Please

There’s an old rule-of-thumb in the sales business, and it goes like this: A-Time is what you get paid to do; B-Time is preparing for A-Time, and C-Time is everything else. 494 more words


It's a Buyer's World - How Do You Live In It?

Years ago, there was a clothing store in St. Louis with the tagline “an educated consumer is our best customer.” While the story of that tagline is not important to this post, the fact is that most organizations have been caught a little flat-footed by the rise of the educated consumer. 456 more words


One Change to Increase CRM Adoption & Compliance

If there were only one thing that would need to change in order to increase CRM adoption – and CRM compliance, what would it be? 386 more words


On why I hate salespeople (and how to outsmart them)

I’m not talking of the nice sales assistants in shops who go check if they have this shoe in an eleven and three fifths when you ask them nicely. 1,173 more words


How to Handle Chronic Complainers On Your Staff | Inc.com

Editor’s note: In this new column for Inc.com, Alison Green will be answering questions about workplace and management issues–everything from how to deal with a micromanaging boss to how to talk to someone on your team about body odor. 68 more words

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