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Ding-Dong, Go Away

I can’t say the grass is getting green just yet, but spring is in the air nonetheless. Instead of leaving work and heading home in darkness, I walk into a few more precious hours of daylight. 947 more words


Survey: A little research goes a long way for salespeople

The survey was conducted by Opinion Matters and according to the data, in addition to researching the customer, the localization of a product is important in finalizing the sale. 130 more words


Getting into my truck this weekend, my daughter reminded me that I had not taken the picture that she drew for me to work. “I want you to take this picture to work,” she said, “that way, when you look at it, you’ll think of me.” 17 more words

Prospects are Tourists, Help them See the Sights!

I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Have you ever been to a new city?

How did you know where to do, what to see, where to eat? 547 more words


Motivate your employees with the benefits of corporate carsharing

Despite that nowadays business relationships start online most of the time, personal visits to prospects have proven being an essential stage in the selling process. These face-to-face meetings help salespeople communicate their pitch in a more personal way, attracting possible clients’ attention more effectively. 373 more words

Stop Selling. Start Helping.

It’s not always about making the sale, but being a trusted advisor. As Zig Zigler put it, “Stop selling. Start helping.” As a young professional and consumer, I think it’s important to understand this message especially since more businesses, marketers, and salespeople are adopting this perspective. 10 more words


Why Do Salespeople Fail? (When They Do)

Why do Salespeople Fail? (When They Do)

If you’ve been around any companies with sales forces, perhaps even have been a part of those sales forces, and you watched a rapid turnover of sales personnel in more than one of them, you are not alone. 424 more words

How To Sell Better