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Top Reasons Prospects don't convert into Customer

The common refrain in business is that customers buy from those they “know, like and trust.” The difficult part for many businesses is figuring out how to go about gaining that long-term trust. 217 more words

Dealing With Unwanted Conversations

A few humorous ways to get out of those all-too-common unwanted conversations that ALWAYS get thrust upon you (us) by complete surprise, how is it that they always come out of the blue with these? 367 more words

Habits of Effective Salespeople

Do you think successful salespeople just happen to be luckier than you? The best salespeople seem to practice a set of common habits:

The Shopping Games

It won’t be long until we are all subject to the annoying political ads on every television channel with yard signs adorning every corner. Well, at least that’s not for a while. 894 more words


Pushy suburban salespeople may be working illegally

COLLIERVILLE Tenn. — There’s nothing wrong with salespeople going door to door, but people in Collierville told WREG someone left a group of young people on their street to sell cleaning supplies. 275 more words


The Privileged Writer

I read something recently that I’ve done a lot of thinking about. No, it wasn’t a story or anything in the newspaper. It was someone declaring that readers should feel privileged to read his work. 1,053 more words


Screw You Credit Card Nation

It seems like every time I go anywhere these days I’m offered a goddamned credit card.  Do you know how this enrages me?! It does!  IT FUCKING DOES!   1,695 more words