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One of my favorite things to do is to dine on the zocalo (especially on breezy evenings when there are no heaps of teachers). I decided, despite the teachers, to have a michelada and a meal at the Importador. 351 more words


How to be a salesperson and a woman at the same time

I consider myself a successful salesperson or saleswoman as it turns out. I have something I am supposed to sell, and I sell the hell out of it. 802 more words

Life Lessons

Why sales could be the best career choice you ever make

Every year I do a number of talks, workshops, meetings and just discussions for various groups about sales. The ones I like the most are when I get to talk to students or people who have just entered the workforce and who are starting to think about what they want to do. 843 more words


Les Vendeurs

I am a pushover. People tell me this all the time and I am sure my sister would also vouch for me when I say that I am always the first one to back down in an argument. 706 more words



I’m looking for someone. He’ll be mid to late 40s by now, balding and slightly overweight. Smells faintly of booze, enjoys letting his gaze linger on the bottoms of passing females, and has at least entertained the possibility of owning a Ford Probe. 1,263 more words


How to say no to a salesperson

Working with people makes you aware of things you wouldn’t normally think about. Things like how to say no to someone without coming across as an asshole. 797 more words

Life Lessons

Ignore good salespeople at your peril

From the ever-perceptive Jean-Louis Gassée, writing on mondaynote.com; on attitudes towards salespeople:

“…he’s never “carried a bag”, he’s never had a sales job with a territory and a quota.

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