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Track 24: The Architect Revealed

I stared at the message for a moment. Mubashir wanted to meet me at the male locker rooms in the Sun Tzu student center. Tonight. What had he found that needed me to come so quickly? 2,480 more words

Nathan Jacobs

Salim-Sulaiman Team Up With India's Young Youtuber Siddharth Slathia

As an initiative by Jammin’ which aims to bring youtube’s singing talent to the mainstream Indian audience, the pre -selected bunch of youtubers were paired up with one of bollywood’s best singers/music composers to create an original song.Salim-Sulaiman teamed up with Siddharth Slathia for a song called ‘Mast Maula’. 257 more words


Teaching Techniques by Salim khoury

Training, as verging on each other range of our general public, has developed by a wide margin lately. Professor Salim khoury say customary showing procedures, construct for the most part in light of an instructor clarifying a subject and Students  taking notes, may at present be valuable every so often, however training today rotates more around urging the understudy to stir their interest and yearning to learn. 531 more words

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About Salim Khoury

Bala Qila fort is in the city of Alwar in Rajasthan. Alwar fort was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1551 A.D.  The fort has six gates, namely, Jai Pol, Suraj Pol, Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Krishen Pol and Andheri Gates. 146 more words


Who was the real Akbar? Cruel Warrior or Visionary Emperor

Who was the real Akbar? Was he a cruel conqueror as some believe or was he a visionary as many other so? 870 more words


An End to the Fairytale?

What on earth has happened to Salim Mehajer and his beautiful wife Aysha’s fairytale marriage? It was only 11 months ago that the pair made national headlines for their extravagant and over the top wedding. 779 more words

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