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Oppose Kinder-Morgan pipeline to protect our water and climate

Letter to the editor from OCA member Lisa Dekker:

“Here in our waterway, ecological and economic interests are one and the same, and this pipeline project absolutely must be stopped.” 6 more words


Details Matter

My long-time friend Thomas is a great creative mind. He draws and creates things prolifically and with a greater degree of detail, skill, and depth than anything that I can do. 135 more words


*Afterthought #64: Protectors of the Salish Sea

In February this year, I wrote about standing up for the Salish Sea with the Friends of the San Juans at the Washington State capitol. There’s still much standing up—and protecting—to do, and I’m grateful to the opponents of the Kinder Morgan pipeline who recently marched for four days in the… 144 more words


Book Drive!

White Rose Society of the Salish Sea is partnering with the Anarchist Black Cross Federation for a special event June 11th. For More info check out June11.org or http://www.abcf.net/abcf-downloads/

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Joanna Conom... Salish Sea

Salish sea

crusted with black glass

speckled with color

of distant running lights

tonight cracks only

to accept their burden

easy going appendage

of the world wet… 67 more words


Climate March, Bellingham, Wash.

Today, Saturday, April 29, 2017 at around 12:30pm a protest march had begun. The protesters were gearing up at Marine Park with several motorcycle cops looking like they would rather be anywhere else but there.  135 more words