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Dusting, New Yarns and Knitting Patterns

I must be very much better! I am noticing dust. Today I used our pretty duster!

I went to my favourite wool shop, Knitcraft,  today and bought some more of the glorious rainbow wool to make more baby sets for Tanzania. 107 more words


A Shadow, Another Shadow and Sally-Boots

A beautifully sunny days threw up lots of pretty shadows.

Three pairs of Sally-boots have now gone to their new owners with love. 8 more words


Lichen, Sewing and Sally-Boots

1   I love the colours and shapes of Lichen and found this growing on our, until now, beautiful arched Cedrus Atlantica Glauca. For some reason, it has not sprouted this year. 94 more words


View-Master, Knitting and Drug of Choice

1   My sorting continues – I think it will last a lifetime! Today I came across my View-Master, a toy I had when I was nine or ten. 136 more words


Bee, Fly, Knitting and ShelterBox

1   I fed a tired and possibly cold, bee some sugar syrup this morning and we were very relieved to see it fly away later on. 186 more words


Sally Boots, Skeleton Flower and Cornish Honey

1   I have finished the Sally-boots for our newest choir-baby.

2  The wild wet winds have blown some beautiful skeleton Hydrangea blossoms against our window. 31 more words


Dinosaur, Onions and Boots to Order

1   The post brought a small package this morning – a delightful present of a Growing Dinosaur from a friend for J our Grandson. He will love this which we will have great  with on his next visit, maybe half-term or Christmas as he started school this term!   63 more words