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There are so many things I can talk about regarding being sixteen. If I sit and close my eyes I can still recall the feel of a pristine smog-free breeze, the perfume of fresh green earth, the inner workings of my teenaged mind (mostly focused on boys and clothes). 899 more words

Three Sally Field (2015)

1. Gidget.
2. Norma Rae.
3. Forrest Gump’s Mama.
And the one-
Mary Todd Lincoln.



Lately everyone has been worried about the devaluation of the Chinese yuan against the US dollar. It must be important because it’s mentioned in every business report and the front page of the Wall Street Journal. 706 more words

Generic Rant

Forrest Gump-" I'm Pretty Tired...I think I'll Go Home Now."

One of my favorite scenes from one of the greatest movies ever…


I. Am. Job.

First of all, “I. Am. Job.” Is something I would LOVE to put on a resumé, especially as I approach my senior year of college. Second of all (and more importantly), today is Robin Williams’s birthday! 515 more words



Director: Steven Spielberg


“The Washington of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is a world of collusion, compromise, and self-interest. The political sparring is brutal, with the lower chamber of Congress resembling a gladiatorial ring where legends are forged and vacillation can destroy a career.” (929, Ian Hayden Smith, … 839 more words

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die