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Salmon on Lentils with Herb Relish

Everyone loves salmon in our house and it helps with our oily fish intake, which makes us feel good about ourselves. The lentils in this dish make it good and hearty and the herb relish is fresh and delicious. 283 more words


Baked Salmon, Cauliflower Rice & Garlic Asparagus

As a mom, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my kids eat up their dinner..breakfast..lunch..healthy snacks.. well you get it. This one is a hit and I usually make the garlic asparagus pretty often as a side to basically any meal. 490 more words

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Dairygold Garlic and Chilli Grilled Salmon Topper

The noble salmon can sometimes be a bit (whisper it) dull. But if family mealtimes teach you anything, it’s resourcefulness. Add a smoky flavour on the BBQ before blowing their minds – and tastebuds – with this zingy chilli and garlic topper. 93 more words


Salmon Patties

Back in the days when I was living with my parents we ate a lot of fish. Mostly, it was fish we caught during the year because my folks loved to fish on their days off. 429 more words

sous vide salmon

Another (very successful) sous vide experiment. Incredibly moist, tender and flaky!

You can achieve many different results cooking by this method. There’s an excellent article on what to expect when cooking salmon by this method at  58 more words

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Seedy Salmon

This is a fab quick dinner that sneaks some healthy seeds and nuts into the kids without them even realizing.

I have used gluten free bread here, crusts and the heel of a loaf, it’s so expensive to buy I don’t like to waste any of it! 129 more words

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