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Let The Sun Shine Through On The Salmon River

Here is a recent capture of a stormy evening down in Idaho’s, Salmon River gorge at the iconic Shepp Ranch. A light mix of sun and rain made for some wonderful viewing down river from the grounds of the ranch when I took this photo. 81 more words


A couple hours at the Douglaston Salmon Run

I had a few free hours this afternoon so I decided to head to the DSR thinking it was the last day my season pass was good. 172 more words


Twin Rivers separated by an ocean

The first image on Nandini’s post, Wintery Silences: River Beas, captured my heart and my attention. How could a river on the opposite side of the planet so resemble a river right here in Idaho? 67 more words

Travel & Adventure


Just the other day I took my car on a trip south – to Fotland Mølle.

Fotland Mølle is an industrial mill, built in 1845, at a site where grain had been ground since the 13th century. 110 more words

A foggy April Fools day.....

Great, it’s pea soup fog outside my windows this morning! I really didn’t have any plans for the day but seeing the fog I thought it would be a great opportunity to try some “fog” pictures. 458 more words

An Open Letter to Black Bear Ranch Commune

Download Black Bear Open Letter

To the residents of Black Bear Ranch, current and former, and to all of the Black Bear Family,

Some of you may have heard of the coming of this letter and/or the group delivering it. 2,444 more words

Two snowmobilers missing after breaking through ice on Salmon River

Prince George Search and Rescue and RCMP are resuming their search this morning for two men who went missing on the Salmon River Monday afternoon. 104 more words