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Portraits of a great man – Alex Salmond

Earlier today, I was going to write a finely-honed analysis of Alex Salmond’s day yesterday.

First the facts. Cameron made a statement to the Commons about Syria. 557 more words

The mad, mad, mad world of Scottish nationalism

My ‘situation report’, a mere two days ago, on Scottish nationalism quoted Harold Macmillan’s famous ‘Events, dear boy, events … ’ Another Harold from that era, Harold Wilson, is remembered for his ‘A week in politics is a long time.’ It now looks as if two days is a long time in reporting situations. 778 more words

Can we now consign those ‘indyref2 triggers’ to the dustbin of history?

There has been, and continues to be in some quarters, much speculation about what might be a trigger for a second Scottish separation referendum. The theory, if the idea can be graced with the word, is that there could be a single event so repugnant to the people of Scotland and so out of kilter with sentiment in the rest of the United Kingdom, that there would be an irresistible demand for another test of the independence question. 946 more words

Alex Salmond : The Dream Shall Never Die, 2015 Wigtown Book Festival Review

With a first for the Wigtown Book Festival, the former First minister gave a light hearted and interesting talk regarding a variety of subjects from the Independence Referendum to his opinions on Labour’s position with their new leader Jeremy Corbyn. 404 more words



By Nixon Watergate, US Correspondent

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trumpet last night launched a scathing broadside against First Minister Alex Salmon’s controversial renewable energy policy. 405 more words

Catalonia and the hubris of the SNP

Contains a rude word – because I’m so fed up with the SNP

The Herald had a headline yesterday in the wake of the Catalan election. 481 more words

Moan McVulpine: Scots won't naively follow the SNP like puppies forever

DESPITE THE SNP’s current surge of popularity in the great wee region of Scotland, there has been little change to the basic Tartan Tory political stance which saw them herald in the mighty Margaret Thatcher in 1979: 675 more words