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How Great Thou Union...

“The Great Leader, come with me, the road will be hard, there may be no beds to sleep in, no roof over our heads. We will be hungry, and thirsty, and we may walk the last few miles on bare feet, but we will walk together towards a bright new horizon.” 604 more words


The curious case of the trade deal in the night – China and Scotland

Source: SinoFortune web site

Here’s a strange thing.

The Scottish (i.e. SNP) government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with two Chinese companies that could, according to media reports, result in £10 billion of Chinese investment in Scotland. 962 more words



Generally LAW refers to rules, regulations, guidelines, orders, by-laws and so on which the state recognizes and enforces to its citizens so as to achieve justice in society. 275 more words


That once in a generation opportunity – the final word

I thought this one was dead and gone.

During the referendum campaign our then first Minister, Alex Salmond, assured the whole country that his separation vote was indeed a ‘once in a generation opportunity.’ Nicola Sturgeon, now in charge of the shop, picked up the refrain and it became both duet and mantra. 713 more words

The best of the 'No Thanks!' blog, the worst of nationalism – top posts 2015

It’s that time of the year to look back as well as forward – in this case the most viewed posts on the No Thanks! 700 more words

#SNPbad or #SNPbaad?

If you think blogging’s an indulgence, descend to the depths of Twitter (apart from my own brilliant tweets of course). There hashtags come and go like snow on a dyke and sometimes with as much auditory impact as breaking wind in a thunderstorm. 506 more words

What can we learn about the SNP from that Commons vote on Syria?

Source: BBC (click to enlarge)

Well my prediction, not I concede a difficult one to make, was right. The SNP voted as one (or 53 – one was a teller and couldn’t vote) against air strikes in Syria. 653 more words