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Newzoids delivers everything except humour

A brand-new show for ITV. Likened to the fabulous Spitting Image, this puppetering frenzy should have been a roaring success. And perhaps for some elements it may have been. 273 more words

That Mandela : Salmond comparison

New Statesman: Historical figure you identify with?
Alex Salmond: Nelson Mandela

… at lunch with the New Statesman 24 March 2015: menu – fish, chips, mushy peas and pink champagne…

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Alex Salmond and the civil service: bias and selective deafness

Two headlines caught my eye yesterday.

In The National (strapline – ‘The newspaper that supports an independent Scotland’)

Untenable: Calls for top civil servant Sir Nicholas Macpherson to resign over referendum letter…

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Salmond to be given Surrey

Alex salmond will be given Surrey as his own private kingdom to do with whatever he chooses should the SNP hold the balance of power in any future coalition with the Labour party. 228 more words


Denigration and Spite

By Mike Small

Chris Deerin famously wrote that ‘Scots have a clear moral duty to stay British’ . He was head of comment at the Telegraph till 2013 and previously political editor of the  407 more words


A reminder of why the SNP cancelled poll tax debts

At first minister’s questions on 1 October last year Alex Salmond said

It is over 20 years since the poll tax came to an end, and I believe that the expanded electoral roll should not be used to collect poll tax debts … it is the Government’s intention to bring forward legislation to ensure that councils can take no further action to recover ancient poll tax debts.

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The UK General Election

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m already fed up with hearing about the General Election and, as I write this, we have two more months before polling day. 378 more words