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Dear people of Greece - some advice about Alex Salmond

Dear people of Greece

We all know you’ve got some big problems at the moment and I don’t expect you’ll take much notice of noises from the North of a small island on the far side of Europe from you. 337 more words

That Buzzfeed interview with Alex Salmond - reading between the lines

It must have been an easy one to call for Alex Salmond and whoever advises him on the media.

That boy from Buzzfeed wants to do a sesh with you.

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‘Behave yourself, woman’ – Salmond strikes again

Alex Salmond’s ‘Behave yourself, woman’ jibe to Conservative minister Anna Soubry in the Commons is so rich in possibilities I can see a whole industry springing up around it, not unlike his… 632 more words

SNP MPs wear the little white rose of fascist gesture politics

THE LITTLE white rose on display in the House of Commons yesterday was a metaphor for the SNP’s transparent gesture politics says “vacuous cynic” Longshanker: 600 more words


Some lessons learned

Some weeks have elapsed since the UK General Election; time to reflect and learn some lessons and sound a warning. 706 more words

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The SNP and that pesky EU referendum

I’m not sure how much I’m looking forward to the UK government’s EU referendum promised for 2017. One referendum in a generation (© A Salmond) was enough for me. 872 more words

Exclusive: Salmond takes on role of Named Person for vulnerable Scots MPs

SCOTLAND’S latest Named Person legislation will prove useful for vulnerable Scots MPs still finding their feet in the “scary” Tory haunted chambers of ‘Westmonster':

By Consol Idate-Powerbase… 352 more words