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Trump, Sturgeon and MacNeil - a heady mix

Before the US presidential election, Nicola Sturgeon nailed her colours to what could fairly be called an anti-Trump mast. How far away it seemed from the halcyon days when Alex Salmond (sorry, the Scottish government) intervened to thwart Aberdeenshire council’s rejection of Trump’s golf course that was to wreck a site of special scientific interest, and not a few lives besides. 668 more words

Dancing with ambiguities

It was a smart move of the BBC to ask this year’s Reith lecturer, philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah, to give his lecture on ‘Country’ in Scotland (audio… 1,457 more words

Britain to pull out of drinking in moderation

Britain is to opt out of the EU policy of moderate drinking at meal times in favour of the traditional British policy of getting as drunk as a monkey on an empty stomach on a Friday night. 266 more words


When the Scots leave, build a wall. Bring on the Irn-Bru Curtain!

One issue that has arisen since the initiation of leaving the EU is Scottish resentment towards the British. England is largely responsible for the British Empire’s finest achievements. 364 more words

Hats off to the independence movement! (© B Spanner)

Brian Spanner, the man the nationalists love to hate, was right. It was a brilliant weekend.

In case readers are already wondering why, I thought I’d just help jog memories. 749 more words

Ken Dodd and the SNP: more summer nonsense

Alex Salmond advises Nicola Sturgeon on tactics for indyref2

I had a colleague once who went to a conference in Liverpool, where an interlude after the conference dinner was provided by comedian Ken Dodd. 691 more words

Referendums are a bad thing: discuss

From an initial standpoint of relative neutrality, I have come to the conclusion that referendums – at least as practised in the UK – are a bad thing. 799 more words