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Yesterday was a bad day for my team apparently (something to do with books)

Quite why yesterday was a bad day for my ‘team’ I don’t know.

It was a late-night jibe lobbed in my direction on Twitter by someone (anonymous of course) whose brief profile included the hashtag… 933 more words

What *is* an ‘ultra unionist’, Mr Salmond?

A while ago I was called an ‘ultra Britnat fanatic’ on Twitter. I forget who said it but it was one of the tribe of fruitloops who hover around the fringes of political debate. 390 more words

A proud European nation for 1000 years – ‘Game on’ for Salmond

So here we go again.

Another two, three or more years of any stability blighted by the nationalist obsession with separating Scotland from the rest of Britain, the charge led as always not by any intellectual… 679 more words

Game on! – a Scottish gambler speaks

This was Alex Salmond a couple of weeks ago when a single poll detected a ‘surge’ (sic) for Scottish independence:

The surge incidentally was by three percentage points to 49%, commonly known in the arcane world of statistics as a minority. 545 more words

Arcs, tigers and the Faroe Islands – the nationalist ambition

The Faroe Islands (NASA image)

I was about to pen a profound piece on Scottish  ‘exceptionalism’ (I may yet – minus the profundity) when someone brought to my attention the fact that old friend of this blog Lesley Riddoch has just written an article in The Scotsman entitled… 769 more words


Although a competent enough and shrewd politician in the past, it seems that the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, is becoming increasingly politically desperate and painting herself into a corner from which she is unlikely to be rescued unscathed. 548 more words

How are the mighty fallen - Alex Salmond collects a third rate political award

I’m marooned at the moment from part of my technology so can’t scatter this post with the many graphics it deserves – a seemingly endless series of tweets with photos from Brussels of Alex Salmond lecturing a spell-bound audience of six (one of whom is his party colleague Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh), being sort-of bear-hugged by Jean-Claude Juncker (‘Salmond? 570 more words