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Nationalism and flags: the never-ending saga

A while ago I had a wee run-in with Aberdeen airport. Outside their terminal they sport eight flag poles:

Source: Google Street View

Apart from the fact that the flags are ridiculously small and currently mostly past their best, a more detailed scan of the poles would reveal: 686 more words

‘Artists don’t have to be close to government’ (SNP culture secretary). Discuss

SNP denies trying to shape artists’ ideas The Times 20 September 2017

For some time, I’ve had a post on the SNP’s approach to culture and the arts on the back burner. 976 more words

Yesterday was a bad day for my team apparently (something to do with books)

Quite why yesterday was a bad day for my ‘team’ I don’t know.

It was a late-night jibe lobbed in my direction on Twitter by someone (anonymous of course) whose brief profile included the hashtag… 933 more words

What *is* an ‘ultra unionist’, Mr Salmond?

A while ago I was called an ‘ultra Britnat fanatic’ on Twitter. I forget who said it but it was one of the tribe of fruitloops who hover around the fringes of political debate. 390 more words