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The Deadly Dance

Today’s Gospel story from Matthew 6:17-29, is about the beheading of John the Baptist. Every time I read it I think that in today’s society, no one would ask for the head of another person if promised a request from authority would they? 280 more words


Salome by Carol Ann Duffy

Salome and the Apparition of The Baptist’s Head. Watercolour by Gustave Moreau

Set in the modern society, and made contemporary Salome is a poem about a drunken woman who decapitates the heads of the men that she sleeps with. 646 more words


Dreams of Desire 22 (The Apparition)

In this gorgeous opiated phantasmagoria of a painting Gustav Moreau places the ultimate femme fatale Salome in the Byzantine opulence of Herod’s palace, the seven veils in the process of being parted, before the hallucinated head of John the Baptist. 89 more words


Museum of Lust (revisited)

This is the poem that originally set me off on my journey as The Masked Pimpernel.

To celebrate, I have made this image file using an original font called ‘The Goths’ that was designed by yours truly.


Creating Light

The artist in this painting duplicated the light he saw, used it to set the scene and made it highlight where he wanted to draw your gaze and attention. 16 more words

Nazimova Oscar Wilde Salome Movie Poster

Nazimova Oscar Wilde Salome Movie Poster
Released By Allied Producers
and Distributors Corporation
in Oscar Wilde’s
Direction By Charles Bryant
Sets and costumes by Natacha Rambova… 17 more words