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Brief Candles: Henri Regnault, the history painter who became history

… Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more.
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Why the Bible says that Artemis and/or Diana is the goddess all Asia and the whole world worshippeth

The reason why the bible (Acts 19:27) gives such a significant endorsement to these two goddesses is because they were moon goddesses and the Hebrews and the Jews were devout worshipers of the moon as opposed to the sun. 888 more words


,,,,,, tukimbizane nini Salome wangu? Iyo michezo ya jogoo. Those are the catchy lyrics of a song blaring from the speakers of a mat from kassarani. 2,020 more words

Changing Times: Lovis Corinth, 1901-1904

With the success of his painting of Salome, and his move to Berlin, Lovis Corinth was reaching the peak of his career. He relished his new-found reputation as ‘the painter of flesh’, and was now at the centre of Germany’s vibrant city of modern arts. 995 more words


Hesiod's Brush, the paintings of Gustave Moreau: 8 Into the sky

The 1876 Salon was the watershed in Gustave Moreau’s art. In four paintings, of which two featured Salome, he had re-established himself as one of the leading artists of the day. 1,733 more words


Bonanza Mine

We did a little jeeping today and came across the abandoned Bonanza Mine. It is located off Harquahala Road about nine miles south of Salome, AZ. 418 more words

"Dance, Salome!"

I said: “Dance! Dance, Salome!”

I see your hands mesmerizing me

and your cherry lips can call my throat

And your breasts are feeding my flying feast… 124 more words