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Hillary Clinton Endorsed by Noted Feminist Snoop Dogg

Having already clinched the support of feminist icon Larry Flynt, Hillary Clinton now enjoys the support of Snoop Dogg, another leader in the fight for women’s rights. 304 more words


I Get Toya Graham

Do I think Toya Graham is a hero? No. I think she’s a mom who went completely off her nut when she caught her son throwing rocks at the police in Baltimore. 569 more words


Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion

Put another way, in a truly civil society the right to free expression trumps the desire of religious folks not to have their feelings hurt.  The “offense” argument is, therefore, no argument at all; it is tantamount to a selfish, adolescent insistence on conformity, nothing more. 

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Life, The Universe…

Moms: The New Target Class -- Part 1

In my drafts folder is an article I’m working on with the theory that Moms, especially stay-at-home Moms, are the new “target class,” the target private citizens and public entities choose on which to unleash personal frustration in the form of moral superiority. 320 more words

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The Ideal 2016 Presidential Candidate

From: vanderbiltpoliticalreview.com

In an article on Salon.com related to the declared and potential 2016 presidential candidates, the writer (Jeffrey Tayler) bemoans the fact that so many fall into the category of (supposedly) “God-fearing” individuals who believe the answers to many of our ills can be found in the “Good Book.” 204 more words