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Can Salon get more ridiculous? You bet! (Brace for self-awareness fail)

.@Salon And finally, we have reached peak Salon

— John Holtz (@presidentjlh) March 27, 2015

We have? Possibly:

If you're white, you're racist and don't realize it.

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Liberalism & Religion: A Vexing Dichotomy

 Written and Posted by  G.M.CurtissMarch 4, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://joeforamerica.com/2015/03/liberalism-religion-vexing-dichotomy/

It’s a generally accepted rule of thumb that there are inherent risks associated with writing/blogging while angry… and that doing so should be avoided… but I intend to ignore that this morning. 986 more words


Salon: Striving for Creativity

Although Salon.com has been recognized for both its editorial content and its design, I would argue that its writing is the more creative of the two aspects. 379 more words


Salon.com: Past, Present, and Future

Salon.com is owned and operated by Salon Media Group, Inc., which was created as its own independent company in 1995. Salon was one of the first online-only magazines when it was launched, making it one of the trailblazers and a leader of its category.  153 more words


Revenue: Salon's Approach

When it comes to advertising, Salon sticks with featuring the typical display ads, such as video ads, flash ads and banner ads. These advertisements are completely random, meaning they normally do not connect to each other, the article, or the department. 212 more words


Salon's Business Strategies

Salon believes in building and maintaining a strong sense of community for its audience. At the end of each article, a comments section is available that allows readers to post thoughts and share additional information about the story. 292 more words