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Pence shocks Fox News host after laughing off Trump’s claim to 95% of Black support in 2020 - Salon.com

As much as I don’t like Mike Pence’s ideas I have to say that he has not allowed himself to be Donald Trump’s Whipping Boy. This is another example of Trump hyperbole. 49 more words

"Grow Up" Caught in a bad bromance? We should be encouraging man hugs, not mocking them


 China’s Cao Yuan and Qin Kai; Britain’s Jack Laugher and Chris Mears hug after the men’s synchronized 3-meter springboard diving final at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Aug. 1,491 more words


Trump May Do Some Good

This isn’t what I want to be writing about. But I can’t keep silent – not when the stakes are so high.


Michael Barone: Why Do So Many Liberals Want to Suppress Political Speech? 

Michael Barone writes: The knee jerk response of many liberals to political attacks seems to be to suppress such speech. Examples abound. Michigan Rep. Gary Peters… 181 more words