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I just had to write about the campaign of baloney being raged at Trump by the Leftwign(nuts) in media.

Some outlets like SALON.com propagate lies and fake news like they think the rest of us only get our news from them. 77 more words

Media Bias

POCKETBOOK: Week ending Dec.31, 2016

  • It’s all about the numbers

If you were in the stock market in 2016, odds are you made money.

According to CNNMoney, 77% of investors made money. 381 more words

Kenny Aronoff, "Sex, Drums, Rock 'n' Roll!" with Salon.com

Kenny Aronoff, author of Sex, Drums, Rock ‘n’ Roll!, sat down with SALON.com sharing his journey from his love for the Beatles to working with John Mellencamp, plus his mantra to  “work hard and rock harder.” 289 more words

Music Fans


In Salon Andrew O’Hehir joined the throng of commentators comparing Trump to Hitler and you can’t blame them except comparisons to Hitler are so common and far-ranging they have all but lost their shock value. 552 more words

How Salon Gets Away with Deceiving Its Readers

by Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

Before I start this condemnation of lies from ‘liberal’ ‘news’ media, I should indicate that I am a former lifelong Democrat who left the Party over the corruption of the Obama Administration when the corruption became capped by their Democratic National Committee using many devices to steal the Presidential nomination away from Bernie Sanders, to hand it to Obama’s chosen successor Hillary Clinton, whom Obama expected would complete his pro-Wall-Street legacy by passing into law some version of his trade treaties and by Hillary’s conquering Russia, the latter of which goal was a U.S. 1,067 more words