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Author Brian Klaas: Is Trump an “aspiring despot” or a “bumbling showman”? Yes! - Salon.com

I am worried that he is both. Hitler was given a cocktail that included in feta means and cocaine everyday and had major paranoid schizophrenic tendencies and yet he was able to wreak havoc across the globe. 207 more words

Work-In-Progress: Memory (II)

Feeling discouraged about the novel-in-progress at the moment. It turned out a bit too much for self to chew. She should have known . . . 134 more words


Do kids have a fundamental sense of fairness?

Experiments show that this quality often emerges by the age of 12 months.

This article was originally published by Scientific American.

By: Katherine McAuliffe, Peter R Blake, and Felix Warneken SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN… 1,063 more words

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