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Nevada Beach?

We haven’t spent much time in Nevada on the 2 years we’ve been on the road, and this time wasn’t much different. Well, EXCEPT, that we did eat & sleep there! 20 more words

RV Oilers

Islands in the Desert

It all started in December. Guiding the few people who decided that after shivering all night during Freeze Your Tail Off 8, braving more cold to drive around the Silver Island Mountains was a good idea. 2,012 more words


Offbeat things to do when in Pondicherry

I woke up shivering as the wind blew in, through the open door.

I looked around groggily and noticed a faint orange glow in the distance. 667 more words

Uyuni Tour

We set out on a 4 day tour through the south-west of Bolivia. We spent most of our time in the car driving from one viewpoint to the next while listening to a non-stop Zumba lesson soundtrack on the radio with an average of 45 times hearing the words ‘mi corazón’ in each song. 365 more words

A hostel made of salt, volcanic geysers, and a night on Lake Titicaca…. my continued adventures through Bolivia and Peru

An endless expanse of blue sky, and white so bright it burns your eyes, there’s literally nothing for miles around… and it’s bloody cold. The Uyuni Salt Flats are the main reason so many travellers (including me) are keen to include Bolivia in their travel bucket lists. 956 more words


MAA - Day 7 - All Roads Are Not Created Evenly

When I headed out today, it was smooth sailing! I was going downhill and even had a bit of a tailwind! What a difference a day makes! 427 more words