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A Closer Look at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2015 (Hemmings Daily by Daniel Beaudry)

An excellent article on the current state of the flats and it’s long history by from Hemming Daily published on September 29th 2015

Due to mining and various other reasons it would appear that the Bonneville Salt Flats are unlikely to return to former glories.. 50 more words

Hot Rod

Reflections in the Altiplano: One day at Salar de Uyuni

The combination of the blue sky and a white plain sounds unappealing in contrast to cities or beaches. The monotony of blue and white in addition to the barren desert which surrounds it, may look dull if you compare it to  colorful and rustic towns.   1,489 more words

Explorer's Hat

beanies and bikinis in bolivia

four days in the Bolivian desert will show you some of the most incredible things in the world.

four days in the Bolivian desert will show you just how miserable life can be. 1,006 more words

Salar de Uyuni: Part 1

We are the last truck out, and the sky is carpeted by blood red clouds. A breathtaking end to a very long day.

First thing off the bus it was absolutely freezing. 902 more words


Exploring the Salt Flats

After our amazing night’s sleep and lovely day out in La Paz, we were ready to head to Uyuini on a night bus. I was scared about the journey as I’d heard it was particularly cold on the bus, but to my surprise I was actually really warm and so I tried to drift off to sleep. 1,320 more words


Along the Coast

It was time to leave Agrigento.  My next base on this clock-wise journey around Sicily would be Trapani – pronounced ‘trah-pah-knee’ with the stress, like so many Sicilian place names, atypically on the first syllable.   2,357 more words

Southern Italy