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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

STOP 34 | Day 107 to 110 |

It was a 24 hour travel day with 4 flights to get to our next stop in Bolivia. 1,195 more words


Salar de Uyuni — Bolivia

Bucket List item #008:  Salar de Uyuni — Bolivia

Chances are you’ve come across incredible photos of Salar de Uyuni before. It is a vast expanse of flat land with the ground magically reflecting the gorgeous sky above. 250 more words


A photographer's guide to Uyuni

I booked my tour to Uyuni for one reason: I wanted to see the stars. More specifically, I wanted to see the Milky Way reflected in the Salar de Uyuni’s mirror-like effect during the rainy season. 700 more words

Budget Travel

Ep.25 - Bolivia


Our time in Bolivia, or the land of extremely high altitude! We saw the world’s largest collection of dinosaur footprints in Sucre, visited the iconic salt flats of Uyuni and explored the highest navigable lake in the world; Lake Titicaca in Copacabana. 10 more words


Bolivia: The weird and the wonderful

Our Bolivian adventure began whilst we were crossing the border. To get from Peru to Bolivia first you take a bus to the border. Simples. Next you pass through “Bolivian immigration”, which is essentially two huts in the desert where European efficiency has yet to arrive. 1,589 more words

Uyuni - Bolivia


We left Sucre, first with a taxi to Potosi (where the mines are) and then with a connecting bus to the world famous town of Uyuni. 722 more words


Nearby Yet Far Off

The Great Salt Lake is quickly climbing the ranks of favorite places.  It’s so weird out there.  Stinky.  Dusty. Empty. Vast.  Dynamic.  Every time is different, and even though it’s so close, it feels like you’re on another planet…or at least on the other side of this one. 57 more words