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Liberty Park, Salt Lake City - Cottonwood Abstracts

As some of you might recall, I recently returned to Salt Lake City for my first visit since leaving there almost three years ago.  You might also recall that when I did live there, I frequented Liberty Park numerous times…it was a favorite destination for my lunch-time walks and Saturday morning drive-abouts. 225 more words

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The blue-white of Winter....

Dipping into the archives again…January 8, 2012…an uncommon beauty….

Photos - Outdoors

into the treasure box

The camera-phone six hundred and some miles away clicked in my daughter’s hand…fingers poked a message into the screen, and the image was transported across digital waves of something/nothingness and caused a small vibration from my phone…and I found it, many hours later, a tiny treasure…full of meaning and memories…of little ones cuddling on my lap, whispered words of “Papa’s mountains,” and the feel of a trail underfoot…images cascading in flashes of recall…sounds of water crashing or quietly rolling down the canyon…a scent of warm summer pine and wildflower…or the comforting wood-smoke on an icy morning while snow crunched underfoot…. 98 more words

Photos - Outdoors

Diabolical may be a little harsh.  Then again, after the fiery furnace of disregard for the rules, suspensions, and the absolute brink of patience teens can bring parents to… it may not be after all!  459 more words


This is another of my favorite photos…it was taken near Sundance, Utah in October, 2005.  Click on the image for a larger view.



I may have posted this photo previously, but I came across it while looking for another image today and thought I would post it.  It’s one of those photos that turned out so well without any help from me.   45 more words