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Visitors to Gloucester

Couple from San Diego California.

Couple from Salt Lake City Utah

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Antelope Island State Park (Utah) 18-Sep-2017

After hikes in the Ruby Mountains Wilderness and Great Basin National Park, we decided to enjoy some “big city” civilization (and a wider selection of microbrews) by heading over to Salt Lake City. 223 more words

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When I was a kid, the fire swamp scene in The Princess Bride scared me half-to-death–especially when Princess Buttercup falls into the Quicksand. It was an invisible death trap. 382 more words


On the trail to Lake Blanche and the other Sister Lakes in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  An image to take one away…to another place and time…another existence or life, even…so it might seem.

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Liberty Park, Salt Lake City - Cottonwood Abstracts

As some of you might recall, I recently returned to Salt Lake City for my first visit since leaving there almost three years ago.  You might also recall that when I did live there, I frequented Liberty Park numerous times…it was a favorite destination for my lunch-time walks and Saturday morning drive-abouts. 225 more words

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The blue-white of Winter....

Dipping into the archives again…January 8, 2012…an uncommon beauty….

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