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Closer with God Through Worship

Worship in order to become closer to God, having worship to build a stronger relationship with God, the first was a worship full of thankfulness. The prayers that were answered, God’s grace, physical illnesses that were cured being thankful for all of these things and praising God is a worship full of thankfulness. 800 more words



In Part 2 of our three-part series we observed that King Saul stripped himself of royal dignity when he consulted the Witch of Endor for supernatural guidance concerning the Philistine threat. 566 more words

Preserve The Flavor

It is easy to lose heart and to become flavorless within our walk with the Lord and the work we do for Him. Becoming stale hinders us from accomplishing the will of God for our life and it is the sap that bogs down the flow of the Holy Spirit from within reaching out to touch other people’s lives. 197 more words



Welcome to Roger’s Take on Religion: An Inclusive Perspective

Has Christianity, as practiced in America, lost its savor?

By defending Trump or remaining silent, religious leaders continue to bless an immoral president. 153 more words


When You Lose Your Salt

I had a conversation this afternoon with a friend who was encouraging me as I get out of this funk of mine. Or as they called it lies I started believing, which is true. 929 more words


Don't Forget Your Salt!

Summer break is over , and I’m back at work for my school job. This transition back to a structured day has both its good and bad points. 689 more words

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