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Natsu no Omoide Lemon Salt || Yutaka Kobayashi

Lyrics: 作詞: Kobayashi Yutaka Composition: 作曲: Arrangement: 編曲: S-JIS ROMANIZATION TRANSLATION 夏の思い出は二人 見上げた空 うろこ雲
トロピカルなかき氷 ほてった頬に
押し当て笑ったミルク色した 氷ほおばって
レモンの塩気 眉根をしかめる

そうだ 僕と君はいつもはしゃいで晴れた道を
前ばかり見て歩いた 雨の気配 気づかずに 354 more words


16 Investigates: Road Salt Pollution

LEWISBURG — Trucks dropped so much salt on one rural road in Union County this winter, it caked on the blacktop.

Ben Hayes runs the Watershed Sciences and Engineering program at Bucknell University in Lewisburg. 580 more words

Lackawanna County

Gooey Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars

I have a confession: I’m not real big on peanut butter cookies. I’m sure I just haven’t found the right recipe, but they’re usually both too dry and too bland for my taste. 556 more words


Changing What You Eat

Based on J’s condition of having a heart attack AND diabetes we revised his diet by:

-reducing sugar  -replacing with Splenda products

-reducing sodium -replacing with herbs, spices, sodium replacements (be cautious of high amounts of potassium used in some products) 211 more words


It's The Start Of Wedding Boss Wednesdays!

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We here at the Karson and Kennedy program just felt like Salty had a lot on his plate with a wedding and his first child happening later this year so we wanted to help with at least one of those things.

Enter the Wedding Boss!

Karson & Kennedy

Quote for Today: Richard Preston

Redwoods flourish in fog, but they don’t like salt air. They tend to appear in valleys that are just out of sight of the sea. In their relationship with the sea, redwoods are like cats that long to be stroked but are shy to the touch. 74 more words

Quote For Today


These poached eggs are perfect for a low-calorie morning treat with a runny gooey center and a firm outside. Filled with protein and at 71 calories per large egg,  poached eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast are the best way to start the day. 142 more words