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Drastic Measures

I’ve decided to go a a 5-Day juicing diet. Yep. It’s time to take drastic measures! I’ve got to jump start this weight loss thing. … 852 more words

Weight Loss

The Monster Under My Bed

Don’t let me fool you into believing that who I am today is who I’ve always been. You don’t have to corner me in a bar after I’ve had five shots in order for me to tell you about my epic failures at being human, struggling with self-confidence, violence, and anger. 832 more words


Salted Caramel Cookies

Hello my dears!

Shortcuts are great. This way you can reach your goal or destination faster and save valuable energy – I’d be lost without my keyboard shortcuts, which make my workflow so much easier… But there are also moments when it pays of to choose the long way and put in a little extra work. 297 more words


In Praise of Salt Mine Salt 

Ok friends, I’ve held back when it comes to this subject for a long time now, hoping the madness would peter out on its own. But alas, there seems to be no end in sight, so here goes: 89 more words


14 simple hacks every wine drinker should know

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a tall glass of vino.

But what if your white wine isn’t cold enough yet, your trusty corkscrew breaks, or you slop red wine down your favorite white button-up? 530 more words


Raised Salt Fairy

Day 106 – Raised Salt Fairy

This is a new technique that I have just come across but it is actually really simple with effective results. 55 more words


The King's Horseman

Are you still living for yourself? Shine your light! There are people depending on you to get them out of the darkness.

God has given you so much: He has showered you with grace and mercy, He has forgiven you of your sin… the list goes on. 366 more words

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