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Protect Water Quality: Use Brine Instead Of Rock Salt

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

We all know that salt keeps our communities safe by reducing the number of vehicle accidents, as well as slip and fall accidents. 220 more words


Ich Day 5!

Yesterday we thought we saw improvement but today she has MORE spots… still swimming around and eating and cheeky though… but we definitely thought we would see her getting better by now and are starting to lose hope. 26 more words


what you let me see

you haven’t felt yet.
give them time.
they are almost there.

fresh | nayyirah waheed

the thing I love the most when someone places me in front of them holding a camera as a connective point, is the side of me that speaks to a side of them. 60 more words

Nassia Kapa

Crispiest Chicken Wings on Salt

I love crispy chicken and so does J. In fact he is Portuguese so the perfect crispy chicken is a must!

These little crispy chicken wings are absolutely delicious as a party food or as a light main with a side salad. 177 more words


Fôring og hestehold om vinteren

Klimaendringene til tross – fortsatt opplever de fleste hesteeiere kalde perioder om vinteren. Den største diskusjonen om godt hestehold når det er kaldt, dreier seg ofte om bruk av dekken. 833 more words


How America got addicted to road salt — and why it's become a problem

(Source: www.vox.com)

The US economy doesn’t just grind to a halt every time there’s a major blizzard. And for that, we can thank the 15 million tons of salt we dump on our roads and sidewalks each winter to melt away the snow and ice. 1,649 more words


Παραλλαγή στη Λέξη Ύπνος (saini)

Θα ήθελα να κοιμηθώ

μαζί σου, να μπω

στον ύπνο σου.

Να βαδίσω μαζί σου

προς τη σπηλιά που πρέπει να κατέβεις,

προς τον χειρότερο φόβο σου

και να σου δώσω τη μία

λέξη που θα σε προστατεύσει

από τον θρήνο στο κέντρο

του ονείρου σου, από τον θρήνο

στο κέντρο.