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Scientist Says Salt Won't Give You a Heart Attack If You are Healthy

Dr. James Dinicolantono wrote . . . . . . . . .

For more than 40 years, we’ve been told eating too much salt is killing us. 2,245 more words


Sodium and Heart Health

Bridget M. Kuehn wrote . . . . . . .

Low-salt diets have been a mainstay of treatment for patients with heart conditions and hypertension, but emerging evidence suggests potential harms to this approach. 1,242 more words


Love love and seek it

Love love and do what’s in your power
To be sweet & salty and not sour.
Love love and always seek it –
To preserve this gift use your heart and wit.
Iaroslav                                                    Thursday 14.06.2018


scorched earth policy

Your love is a scorched earth policy.
Moved, you did, through my fields of hope, sowing salt into the ground I tilled all summer. On deep, moonless nights you slouched toward my hearth, to steal the smallest glint of flame from the blooming coals. 69 more words


SALT by Mara White ~ Chapter Reveal

Salana Livingston did everything right, from taking her multi-vitamin to kneeling before bed to say her prayers every night. She followed the path her parents had planned before she was born, never questioned the role until the day a bus-load of sweaty kids from the Bronx got dropped at her parent’s horse farm. 4,243 more words

Excerpt Reveal

Police searching for suspect after Salt Lake City armed robbery

Gephardt Daily Police searching for suspect after Salt Lake City armed robbery Salt Lake police are searching for a suspect following an armed robbery in Salt Lake City Wednesday evening. 22 more words

do you think you are Unfit in middle age?

Are you someone in middle age who keeps putting off that planned health kick for another day?

If so, a couple of new studies may give you a sense of urgency. 697 more words