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Bottled Enthusiasm

Last Autumn/Winter was a difficult time for my photography as I spent very little time producing new images or doing anything revolving around photography due to family commitments and renovations to the kitchen. 608 more words


might be my new home soon

Saltburn is a charming Victorian seaside town where the industrialists and businessmen escaped the noise and grime of Teesside with their families. There is a funicular lift, that is two cars that counter balance each other with water, that take you down from the cliff to the seafront and pier.

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Bits And Bobs


Sunday 3 April

It’s Sunday and I am out walking there is a surprise. I pick nav and young squire up and off we go. This week’s walk is skinninggrove to saltburn. 1,389 more words

Saltburn - End of the Pier 1986

A melancholy documentary captures down and out-of-season pleasures and subdued gentility at a select seaside town on the wintry North East coast. Lulled by a soundtrack of waves, time passes slowly for the men who bait and fish from the Victorian pier, scan the barren beach with metal detectors, and harvest sea coal in the cruel shadow of the distant steel works.

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Double rainbow, Saltburn Scar

Low tide at Saltburn and an afternoon wander on the beach was rewarded by this double rainbow. The darker area of sky between them is known as Alexander’s dark band after Alexander of Aphrodisias in the 2nd century AD. 107 more words



The magnificent tall Jurassic cliffs at Saltburn yield ammonites, belemnites, brachiopods and bivalves from the Cleveland Ironstone of the Lower Lias. The rocks here, however can be very hard and difficult to collect from. 577 more words