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Best places for photography

Based on places I have visited personally and really enjoyed taking photos of, this is a few places I suggest those interested in photography visit. 444 more words


Food Review: Vista Mar, Saltburn

This weekend one of my old friends was back home for the weekend. She lives in Saltburn, which is one of my favourite places to walk my dog, and so we decided to meet with our dogs for a walk and something to eat. 264 more words


Saltburn and the beauty of the North - Photos.

There’s a lot to be said for living in the North of England. It is beautiful. There is not the degree of overcrowding that there is in the South. 109 more words


Dusk, an update - singing and the fringe!

An exciting ( and frustrating) thing that is happening is that people who hadn’t noticedĀ  until recently what we are up to, have been in touch saying ‘we’d love to get involved and have something in our area’ (Saltburn and Folkstone so far) and we just CAN’T raise enough money for them as well in the time. 240 more words

Solstice Shorts

Saltburn to Brotton

Cat Nab – North Bank – Crane Dale – Huntcliff – Warsett Hill – Hunley Hall – New Brotton – Little Dale – Old Saltburn – Hazle Grove


Hob Hill Woods

Across from Hob Hill Wood, on the opposite side of the Skelton Beck valley, are Mount Shandy and Sterne’s Seat. They commemorate the frequent visits of Lawrence Sterne to Skelton Castle, home of his friendĀ  John Hall-Stevenson and his company of demoniacs. 68 more words