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Robinson in Saltburn

One of the many ways I used to embarrass my children when they were young was to stop and look at manhole and drain covers. Well not just manhole covers, I’ve always been fascinated with any sort of street furniture but cast iron covers are my favourite. 208 more words


Shap Granite - Saltburn

The Middlesbrough & Redcar Railway Company was incorporated in July 1845 to construct a line from Middlesbrough to Saltburn.  The line was leased by the Stockton and Darlington Railway which in turn was absorbed into the North Eastern Railway in 1863. 33 more words


Boulder Clay

 The lower and upper boulder clays of Teesside were regarded by Smith (1981) as products of Late Devensian ice sheets. The first deposited lodgement till and outwash as it retreated and these deposits subsequently were overridden by the second ice sheet, which left behind its own lodgement till and outwash. 45 more words


H is for..

Harr, n.   A thick fog inclining to rain.

Hardenfeeaced, adj.   Threatening, lowering – of the sky or weather.


Saltburn Skies

A recent injury left me housebound, fortunately the summer skies provided a welcome distraction.